Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Out Scooping Up Smalls For Booth 44 AND The Green Shag Parking Lot Sale Coming Up This Weekend. Every Body Coming Down To Say Howdy? There Will Be Plenty Good Stuffs To Be Had! Status: Got 'Em Bagged, Getting 'Em Tagged.


A bit scary that, don't ya think?  Kinda looks like one of those daft seemingly drug addled children's morning programming props...or characters even.  But no.  It's nothing like that at all!  In fact, your Nanna might just have one full of candy proudly displayed in her home just this minute.


It ain't no crazy kids stuff, it's a Fenton Hobnail Milkglass Candy Dish!  But for real...Hobnail?

WTF?!  Hobnails were (and I guess still are) used on the soles of military boots in World War 1.

How did something so aggressive looking transition to such frilly home decor?  Who was the

first to think "I need something TOUGH to decorate this candy dish so Fenton will sell more

of them"?  Well, I think they's cool...and this ones available next weekend!


Also looking somewhat sinister: a welcome thrift score of a trio of Jens Quistgaard Dansk

candlesticks!  We were poking around the three local thrifts Saturday after I picked up my

new Canonsburg Temporama dishes
and I didn't really find much of anything...until I spotted

this group all tangled up with a ton of other random metal stuff.  You know how the thrifts be

doing it.  Metal with metal, plastic with plastic, ect.  These are gonna look great with my

other set of Quistgaard candelabras
(also sinister looking, btw). Alas, these are keepers

and will not be available.


This set of 6 beautiful soft subtle blue Libbey tumblers will make their way to the Green Shag

this weekend as well.  I love how they have just a touch of blue in them.  I've got another set

of these that I've used as every day glassware and they not only look amazing but hold up

admirably.  The first time I ever saw this "pattern" was in the Broadway Antique Market many

many years ago upon my first visit there.  They were not cheap.  By comparison...these will be!


You put da lime in dee coconut, you drank 'em both up!  Or what ever you're refreshing cocktail

desire might be, just do it in style with some gen-yu-wine Trader Vic's coconut barware!  Tiki is

coming back again, big.  My Momma tole me so!  She spotted the Tiki Rattan I took a photo of

in the front window of Rothschilds Antiques a little while back and pronounced it so.  My Mom

is pretty smart about this stuff and she says that Rothschilds is kind of a bellwether for the local

market.  Since most sellers haven't been able to give away Rattan Tiki style stuff in the recent

past, I'm tempted to start squirreling it away post-haste!  But these, no...these will be available

too, at the Green Shag.


Tiddy little haul of smalls if I say so myself...and this isn't even all of it! I got a big ol' box of...

well, you'll see! I've got lots to offer both at the Green Shag Market Parking Lot Sale and

inside at Booth 44 of the Green Shag Market Antique Mall itself! The last sale back in the

summer went very smooth so this one, what with everybody having a bit more experience,

should be a cakewalk! Come on out and enjoy a beautiful Fall Saturday with us! Mark your

calendar - October 20th!

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