Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Mersman Table We Checked Out Yesterday Sold Fast Enough To Make My Head Spin! This Lane Trio Is Taking It's Place At The Green Shag Market. Status: Ready To Move!


Saturday found these three Lane side tables in the back of Frank.  They - much like the Mersman corner table yesterday - were kind of a mess.  Luckily it was sunny and nice out Sunday and I got right to work cleaning them up.  My original though was to save these for the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale on October 20th but I just couldn't wait.  They're in my booth at the Green Shag Market already!


I got these three Lane tables (I know...I should have shot a photo of all three together, but

I forgot) for a song and since they are sporting some finish issues on their tops I've got them

priced to move!  If you've got a weekend, some sandpaper and a can of - what Honey Oak?

- stain...you'd have you a really nice, Really unique set of high quality Lane tables.  If they

don't sell by the end of the month I'll probably pull them out and do it myself.


The inlays on the triangular table are fairly easy to pick out but the matching rectangular pair

have much more subtle bowtie inlays that are somewhat obscured by the lovely striations in

the grain.  I've never seen this make of Lane before and I don't know the name.  I wasn't

even sure it was lane and had to wipe a thick layer of dust off the bottom to find the Lane



So just like the Mersman table yesterday, I'm posting these tables on craigslist and making

them available exclusively through The Green Shag Market on Manchester near Hampton. I

put an ad on craigslist last night for the Mersman and woke up to an e-mail from a buyer who

wanted to pay via credit card. I drove down to The Green Shag Market (I was going there

anyway to put tags on a number of other new items I had dropped of late Sunday), made

arrangements with the staff to take payment over the phone, loaded the table up and I

delivered it a little later. It's how things get done!  Afterward I picked up yet another

amazing item...that I'll share with you maybe tomorrow.

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