Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Kidding Jeff! It WAS The Falcon Chair! The Latest Addition To The Awesome Chair Collection. Status: Scary / Beautiful.


You see, Jeff shot me an e-mail this morning after reading the teaser at the end of yesterday's posting: "picked up yet another amazing item..." I'm guessing he spotted the same ad that appeared just after midnight 'cuz the title of the e-mail was "Falcon Chair?" Am I that transparent?!  And so I sent him a reply saying, "What's a Falcon Chair?  Some sort of throne you sit in with your bird of prey?" just to mess with him and so as to not let the cat out of the to speak.

Yep, this little gem popped up on craigslist just after midnight while I was watching episode 4

of Sherlock on Netflix using a Roku box hooked up to the big ol' flat screen.  Mr. Modtomic

loves him some Sherlock.  Anyway, I was - as always - poking around on my phone at the

same time and just managed to start looking through the latest posting when the ad for this

serious looking Falcon Chair went live.  Craigslist has some quirks, one of which is that you'll

see listings come up earlier if you search without using any words in the search bar.


For example: say a listing used the word "Danish" when it was published.  It will take between

a few seconds and 15 minutes for it to go live, depending on when it was published within the

15 minute window that craigslist refreshes itself - but, it takes even longer (not sure exactly

how long, maybe another 15 minutes) for the search bar to find that ad using the word

"Danish".  This is another reason I tend to forgo Keywords, but you have to have a certain

personality type to constantly be sifting through all those ads looking for that one gleaming

nugget of Captain Crunch.


And a while the "gleaming" may be a questionable assessment, this is quite the nugget! I took

just a few moments to confirm that this was indeed a Falcon Chair and to check eBay's SOLD

listings (a new function I've found on my phone where in I can look at SOLD completed listings

as apposed to ALL completed listings...quite helpful and much more efficient) for comparables

as to what this chair might actually be worth. After seeing the numbers it was bringing there...

oh H*ll Yeah, I threw my had into that ring with aplomb!


I got the reply in the morning and since it was a holiday (what, you didn't have Columbus Day

off?), I was able to meet the seller at their convenience. I did have a bit of a scare when I

couldn't for the life of me find the address. I was on the phone WITH the seller driving up and

down the street like an idiot, back and forth. Turns out they had at first given me the wrong

address, then gave me the right address...and I STILL couldn't find it. But then they waved

me down as I almost drove by. Whew. Disaster averted! Success achieved!


  1. Kook chair, nice score!! I love the new Sherlock, I've seen it all but I won't spoil it for you. I also use Roku on the plasma TV. Love Netflixs as well.

  2. Nice grab! I looked at a bunch of these when I was researching a couple of Ingmar Relling for Westnofa chairs that I sold for a consignor. Similar in design (and I'm sure quality) to the Siesta and Lounge chairs. I'll bet it's as comforatable as it looks!

  3. Sherlock is awesome, and so's the chair - cool score!