Tuesday, October 2, 2012

While In Chicago Saturday I Managed To Tour / Shop One Of My Favorite Destinations: The Broadway Antique Market. I Picked Up A Few Choice Items That I Thought Were Bargain Priced And Took A Ton Of Photos, But Today We'll Concentrate On Purchases. Status: Minor Disaster.


The staff at BAM packaged everything up for me VERY carefully knowing that I had a long drive home to St. Louis...but that didn't stop mayhem from laying it's delicate touch upon my newly acquired dishware! No no, nothing was broke in transport. Only when I began unpacking these items for photography did disaster strike.

DSCN2062 DSCN2061

I've tried REAL hard to Not start a collection of Salem Hopscotch but this small setting for

Two was just too hard to resist. The excuse I gave myself was that I wouldn't really need to

buy any more as I could just sort these in with a matching and contrasting (you know what

I mean) set of Salem Northstar. Wouldn't that look just cheeky?! But fate had different plans.


Oh Snap...literally. While I was unpacking the small coffee / tea cups I was trying to pull one

by the handle from it's tightly wrapped bubble wrap when "SNAP" off came the handle! Crap

I thought, oh well...I'll just glue it back on. It was a clean break and it won't be noticeable. As

I attempted to place the handle on the table next to me I fumbled my grip somehow and

dropped it onto the hard floor where it promptly separated into THREE pieces! Dammit. Now

I feel like a Complete fool!

DSCN2068 DSCN2067

At least THIS - a beautiful if incomplete (no lid) - Ben Seibel Harvest Time tall pitcher made

it unscathed. I was in a hurry when I shot this set and forgot to include the Four matching bowls

that I picked up while on vacation. I did toss in One of my Two pairs of salt and pepper shakers

though! This growing collection is all Dana's (from Mid2Mod) fault! She has a really nice

collection of this pattern. I too will have a nice complete collection someday. Just gotta be

patient. And more CAREFUL!


  1. It's more accurate to say that I HAD a nice collection. I was moving the china cabinet a couple of months ago and was too lazy to take everything off of it. After all, I was only going to move it about two inches away from the wall so I could reach a plug. Well, you can guess the rest. Now I'm missing several pieces of Harvest Time and several more of the gray Russel Wright I had with it. Sometimes we all do really stupid things! Fortunately the pitchers and the samovar were unscathed!

    1. Hey Dana, What pieces do you need to replace? I have a few pieces that a consignor abandoned that I'm getting ready to put in the store. I'll send you a message off-line tomorrow and let you know what we have if your interested. The only reason I haven't put out until now is that I don't have any full sets.
      You looking for anything in particular Mr. Mod??

  2. Mr Mod what the heck man, that's two strikes just weeks apart...I know the excitement of unwrapping newly acquired finds can have you feeling like a kid at X-mas but if I can make a suggestion,first take a breath compose yourself and be at one with all things mid century then slowly and patiently unpack...Or just tear into like a bat outta hell and hope one day you find a replacement.

  3. Hi Mod,

    I used to collect pre-1930 Noritake China. Whenever I was unwrapping any of my goodies I would always sit on a carpeted floor and use scissors to cut away any tape. Just a suggestion!

  4. I love the hopscotch pattern! I would love to own a set of this one day..

  5. Is hawking in a comment frowned upon? I picked up several pieces of Harvest Time for resale recently. Interested? Those pictchers (which I do not have) are a very cool shape, aren't they!

  6. Yes, I know how to spell pitcher-- just a typo. Sorry!