Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alrighty. Here's Some Much Better Pics Of The 1940s Enamel Top Draw Leaf Table And A Couple Of Ladder Back Chairs I Paired Up With It! Status: Available!


After picking up this table over in St. Charles I stopped at the thrifts closer to home and found a pair of nice vintage ladder back chairs that seemed like they'd match up nicely with it, so I got them as well.  Then I found a pair of pads that seemed made for the chairs!


This little gem was something of a mess when found at the Goodwill.  The legs were miss

adjusted so the leaves were difficult to pull all the way out.  The leaves were a hot mess on the

parts that hadn't seen the light of day in a while.  The good news is that the table cleaned up

really nicely.  The bad news is, well...the table is still 66 years old and as such it still has a few

bumps and bruises.


Surprisingly the issues are few and aren't on the top.  That's why I looked at this table in the

first place.  Usually the tops have a chip or a worn through spot.  That's an instant disqualifica-

tion as far as I'm concerned.  The damage along the edges is almost a given on a table like this.

It's par for the course.


Almost all of the chipping along the edges is located along one edge which could be placed

against a wall and hidden from general view.  That's a bonus.  The decoration on the top is

primo!  No issues at all.  The chrome is in great shape too.  It's not so perfect that it looks

like it was done yesterday but it is nearly corrosion and pit free.  The chrome is how I picture

the phrase "excellent vintage condition" as apposed to "as new" or "mint".  In any event - them

gams be gorgeous!


So there the set is, in all it's "coffee" tone glory! There's a stamp on the bottom of the silverware

drawer with that description of the color along with a date stamp of 1946. This lady has been

around. Luckily she was built to be around a lot longer. That's how they did it back then. I've got

this available on craigslist and can also be purchased with a check or credit card through my

booth (44) at the Green Shag Market.


  1. Love the table, hope it goes quick to a good home!

  2. Chair pads. Hideous.

  3. Nice table - I like that the sides are natural wood. The chairs look great with it too, though I agree with the above - lose the pads!

  4. Really? Not feeling the Toile seat pads? This is going in an Antique Mall. The rope isn't original and is a rather sloppy twine. It works but doesn't look great. The pads are kinda necessary. Is it the Toile or just pads in general?

  5. Actually, braided chair pads might look good!!!

  6. A chair pad is something you put on a chair if it's uncomfortable or if there's a flaw you want to conceal. They tend to look sloppy and half-hearted, and toile-- although it does definitely have an antique feel-- had its moment a about 8-10 years ago and reads as pretty dated now. So, yeah, chair pad-hater in this corner! Love the way the table and chairs work together, though!

  7. Dangit! I spent TWO WHOLE Dollars on those chair pads!

  8. I think the set without pads can work in a lot of different styles of kitchen. But once you put the chair pads on them they are pretty much stuck in granny. They aren't horrible - but they definitely shrink your target audience.