Wednesday, October 17, 2012

C'mon Down Saturday To The Green Shag Market And Pick Yerself Up An Instant Southern Comfort Barware Collection! I Just Picked Up This Big Ol' Box Of SoCo Loveliness And I'll Be Packing It Down To The Big Parking Lot Sale Oct. 20th. Status: Arrive Early For Best Selection.


After a wonderful craigslist snatching of fine Canonsburg dinnerware Saturday, I made the "rounds" in the St. Charles area.  I usually just hit the Salv. Army and the Goodwill but I decided to hit the St. Vincent while I was there...and BAM - a big box o barware score!


I managed to pick up 35 pieces of SoCo barware all at once.  Some of it's been around the block a bit having some of the gold rim tops worn away but all of them are otherwise in excellent condition. None of the decoration otherwise has been lost.


I've only ever found a large lot of SoCo vintage bareware like this one other time.  I usually just pick these up in small random lots.  2 here, 5 there...Now I got lots!  It's pretty amazing to find such a varied collection all in one box like this.  5 different styles.


There's the tall Tom Collins glasses, medium Tumblers, 2 sizes of Rocks glasses and these fun little stemmed glasses.  Somewhere I've got a vintage catalog with the proper names for all these AND their original prices, but I can't find it just now.  I'll be offering these all in individual sets as well as a better deal as total package.


I like to think these were popular here in St. Louis because of the paddle wheel steamboats, giving that the STL is a riverfront town.  There used to be a couple paddle wheelers at our riverfront downtown as well as at the riverfront over in old St. Charles on the Missouri.


You know what would be great to sip out of these tall collins glasses? How about an Arnold Palmer made with Lemon Aid and Sweet Tea Vodka?! Ad a few ice cubes and you're set. You won't just be feelin''ll be Lookin' good!


  1. You always find such cool stuff! Alas, I am in Rhode Island, so too far to "stop in" and check out your spot. Phooey!

  2. Just an idea for some future posts... would love to see your favorite antique sites in the various cities you've visited. It would make it so nice and easy to find good places to shop when your readers go on vacations. You always find such great places filled with treasure. It seems like whenever I stumble on a random shop there's not much there.

  3. Ya got yerself the whole darn set. Pretty good.

  4. nice score, I've been hanging on to 30something pieces of mint "Atomic Amoeba" for a while waiting for a buyer