Friday, October 26, 2012

Having A Booth In An Antique Mall Can Pull Your Thrift Purchases In All Sorts Of Directions. I Had To Come Back And Hem And Haw Over It For A Few Minutes, But It Made The Cut. Status: More Tomorrow.


This isn't too far off my beaten path since we have a similar piece in our kitchen.  Ours is red with chrome legs and a red Cracked Ice Formica top but it's the same style.  These are great kitchen tables since they are easy to cleanup and are small when you need 'em to be and larger when necessary.


I took a few days off work ostensibly to make the annual trip to New Orleans for Halloween

but everybody backed out and I'm stranded in StL.  Since I was off anyway, I went ahead and

did some weekday thrifting.  It worked out nicely!  I got plenty good stuffs, this table being the

largest item.


Yes, there are the ubiquitous porcelain chips on the top around the edges, otherwise the tops

are in great condition.  The chrome on the legs is in excellent shape, very rare that.  Most of

these table got relegated to the damp basements here in the Midwest and as a result the legs

are almost always eaten up and pitted with rust.  The side expansions are real dirty but I'm

sure that they'll clean up and look just like the top.


At the same St. Charles Goodwill I found these small swirly green and blue glasses.  The green

and blue bits are slightly raised.  Check the gold trimmed rims.  Swanky no?!  Both of these

items (as well as a few other choice goodies I picked up today!) are destined for Booth 44 soon.


I'll get you better pictures tomorrow along with a rundown of all the other sundries that I

scooped up my nets today.

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