Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday Evening Found Mr. Modtomic Retrieving Yet Another Forlorn And Forgotten Broyhill Brasilia Piece. Ever Seen The Harvest Table? Me Either. Status: Ready For Refinish.


While the Girlfriend and I were out having dinner at TGIF (we had to search to find one around here!) last Sunday, I (poking around C-list on my phone - as always) spotted an ad with a couple of crumby cell phone pics of this table.  Still, I knew what it was...and I'd never seen one in person before, so I had to get it!


Ain't that an interesting table.  A serious juxtaposition of vintage and modern.  It's in the classic

farm house harvest table style but it Broyhill Brasilia!  It's a great shape for six person dining as

the legs are spaced perfectly in my opinion.  But alas, this is all you get.  There will be no placing

extensions in this table. 


It certainly is rough and looks like it's suffered some neglect but I got a plan and I got a man for

the job.  It's got an appointment with a sander et al this weekend.  I doubt that it'll look like new

after all is said and done but that's quite alright.  If it looks like it's lived a little, well that falls right

in line with the style.  But still, we'll see what we can do about all that damage.


After this gets cleaned up it'll make an excellent addition to a standard Brasilia dining suite.  It

could be used as a sofa table or in a wide hallway as a place to display items.  It could even be

used instead of a buffet if one should feel so inclined.


It's those legs. That's how I recognized the thing.  Luckily the seller though that one was ganked

up and felt the need for full disclosure by showing it in a couple of their photos.  There is a small

split at the top of one of the legs but it just needs a tiny bit of glue and a clamp.  No issue.  What

they thought was a gank was actually just a loose mounting nut. 


So that's one more Brasilia piece I can check off the list.  It really does seem that Mr. Modtomic

is destined to chronicle every last piece of the Broyhill Brasilia line here on the blog.  This one will

soon be available.  I'll show it again after the transformation and let everybody know when.  Hey,

maybe by then I might have a larger space at the Green Shag Market where I can be offering these

dining sets more easily!


  1. Nice find. I never would have caught that as Brasilia. Speaking of which...have you seen this? Pam interviewed the folks at Broyhill and they're coming out with a new line that reinterprets the Brasilia line. Not sure what I think of it yet...

    1. Hi Diana.

      Thanks So Much! I did miss that. For those too lazy to copy and paste here's the link: Broyhill Mardella — bringing the famous design lines of Broyhill Brasilia to a new generation of furniture buyers.

      I think it looks good and I find it interesting that Broyhill have recognized that the Brasilia line is having a resurgence in popularity, but I don't think I'd ever have it since it's a little heavy / blocky and probably cheaper (and much more fun!) to find the various original pieces.

  2. She is a good looking lady. I like the originals too, but I thought to myself --- DUH Broyhill. People are eating this stuff up on the vintage market. I wondered when they would clue in to the trend.

  3. This is making me drool! Forget the stripper, I'd have the orbital and some 150 and 220 paper out and have that top bare in short order. I little Min-Wax early american stain and about 4 coats of satin or semi-gloss lacquer and this would be a shining star in a couple of days! Sweet! As far as the new Broyhill? Forget about it! It's pretty much all junk made in Thailand and Indomesia and won't live 10 years...