Monday, October 17, 2011

Frank's At It Again! So Whatchya Got There Frank? That Lounge Chair Looks Familiar...But... Status: Estate Sale Pics!


Like I said yesterday, there was a sweet lounge chair at the only estate sale worth checking out this last weekend. It made its way into the back of Frank...but what is that other thing in there? I showed ya all my estate sale scores yesterday and I'm pretty sure That wasn't part of the haul.


Yeah yeah...THAT thing. What's the deal with that? Well, it's a small buffet that I almost bought

and brought home. It was the other item at the sale shown in the preview pics that I was hoping

to snatch up. I did actually grab up the tag and was prepared to take it home but then had second

thoughts. I talked it over with my buddy Illuminate (who was second in line) to see if she wanted

to take it home with her and when she declined I called up Nick (who has a full on dining set in

this design) to see if he wanted it. He also declined.


Well, while we were waiting to enter the sale Mr. Mod was picked out of the line-up and ID'd

by a couple who read this here lil' ol' bloggy blog. We all got to talking and they were lamenting

being behind me and Illuminate as they were sure that they would be denied an chance to acquire

any of the few pieces of Vintage Modern at the sale. I tried to console them by reiterating my

story from the previous weekends estate sale where I went for one specific item (the Hey / Wake

dining suit) and ended up leaving it behind
. Just 'cuz I'm in front doesn't mean that money and / or

condition is no object. Mr. Modtomic isn't THAT ruthless!


This Kent Coffey Perspecta buffet / sideboard was what they had set their sights on. This was the

second item I was after but after having second thoughts and going through two other possible

buyers, Illuminate took the price tag and went to find the couple who were behind us and pass it

on to them. Then, they looked like THEY were having second thoughts! Turns out they had a small

four door car that they thought they might have problems fitting the piece into. I asked if they were

close and turns out they were fairly local to the sale area and I offered to toss it in the back of

Frank for them. They really were just like 10 minutes away so it was such not a big deal. But I

did get to "tour" their snazzy pad! It still had the original tile in the bath (sweet baby blue mosaic)

and kitchen (pretty standard white and black) though the kitchen has been otherwise remodeled.

The bath had a new sink and toilet but was otherwise untouched. The couple is in the process of

culling their previous antique style furnishings for the Vintage Modern. They have recently acquired

a very nice Dixie 9 drawer dresser to go with a nearly matching nightstand. This Kent Coffey

piece is going to look brilliant in there joint! I shoulda taken some pics.


There was also this amazing fireplace tool set at the sale that I was HOPING would be available

but wasn't holding my breath over. I could see the masking tape over the handles in the preview

pics and was already prepared for the disappointment of hearing the selling company tell me

they were not available upon entering the sale. I had to ask, right? Oh, and that's a flower that

was outside the front of the house that Illuminate was going all ape sh*t over. Uh, it's a flower,

girl....but the picture turned out so good I had to share.


Speaking of Illuminate, she picked up this cute little hippo. I failed to ask what the heck it was. the heck is this? I was so operating on reserve energy that I actually almost

forgot the cushions to the chair. Anyway...Illuminate talked me out of what I thought was a

super cool little candelabra (it was...I swear!) and I talked her into buying a frying pan.


Most of the goodies were (as per usual) in the basement. This is where we found that great

Wagner Ware Magnalite skillet. It took a little convincing but I got Illuminate to buy it. I

already have three pieces myself and love it. It's good stuff. Probably gonna give us all

Alzheimers though. Aluminum.


More basement booty. I grabbed up that orange Royal Haeger fruit bowl as soon as I spotted

it but after carrying it around for a few minutes I noticed that it was cracked and chipped. Sad.

I put it back. Man, I really was happy to have found that, too. I've got a big collection of that

color and pattern but have never seen a fruit bowl like that. Also note the large amount of snack

tray sets! Wow, these folks must have been quite the entertainers!


There wasn't much out in the garage. If I didn't already have all the patio tables I need I would

have picked up these little vintage beauties. Like the fireplace tools, I assume that I couldn't

grab up the cool light fixture in the hallway, so I did what I could and just shot a picture. Catch

and release.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up the other day! It's too bad that I couldn't take the Perspecta at the time, but it looks like it's in the hands of someone who will really enjoy it.

    I was actually going to head to that same sale to pick up the lounge chair, but decided against it. In their pictures it looked like one of the cheapo ones that frequently pops up on Craigslist and I was in serious need of a Saturday morning lay-in. It looks so much better in your pictures!

  2. The Kent Coffey Perspecta piece bears a remarkable resemblense to the Brazilia Broyhill set. Who made the first one and who knocked the other one off? If you didn't look at the makers mark they would be hard to tell apart!

  3. The flower picture turned out great! I do not know what the hippo is, but he was cute and vintage.

  4. The hippo has some value, it's from the Zoo Line by Kay Bojensen. Has some value, but it looks like your guy is missing his tail.

  5. @Mike, Thank you so much for naming it! Unfortunately you are correct, the tail is missing..