Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Broyhill Forward 70 Line...And Lots Of It! What A Whirlwind Weekend Of Estate Sales! Status: Available When I Left This Afternoon!


So you say you'd love the Broyhill Brasilia line if it was a bit more subtle and stained a little lighter to more "go with" your Danish / Scandinavian Vintage Modern sensibilities? Perhaps you should drop everything and head over to this Accent estate sale were a very nice set of Broyhill Forward 70 awaits a new owner. PS, deals are more likely had on Sundays!



We arrived late to this sale this morning at about 11am since the Girlfriend and I decided to

hit another sale first. We cleaned up at that sale and spent a good amount of time loading

up Frank. After driving straight home to unload the Girlfriend realized that we had another

virtually empty wagon, Tinkerbell, waiting to be utilized! We didn't even bother to unload

Frank and jumped into Tink to hit this second sale of the day. But we still got there late. I

was surprised to see all the "good stuff" still available! This is quite a sizable dining set and

one that seems to be much harder to find than the Brasilia Line. I personally prefer the

dynamic styling of the Brasilia line but it's not for everyone. I'm sure that there are many

people out there who prefer much more simple lines like Lane Acclaim, which to my eye

the Forward 70 line resembles and could easily live next to.



Oh yeah, there is / was a BEDROOM SET available too! Wow, so if a buyer was really into

this line like I'm really into the Brasilia line that person could potentially set them self up pretty

nicely in one haul. This is not to be taken lightly as, like I said, this isn't a common line that

shows up every few months either on c-list or at a thrift store. A person could spend years

trying to replicate this set of both bedroom and dining furniture. I myself have never actually

seen any of this line in person before, that I can recall. If you are interested in the set I would

suggest getting to the sale early Sunday to snatch it up...heck, it may be gone already.



The Broyhill Forward 70 sets weren't the only pieces worth checking out at the sale. There

was also this very nice Drexel living room tables set. It looked to be in excellent condition and

very pretty. I see these listed as a coffee table / bench from time to time but I don't think I'd

try using it for that purpose as the edge of the top has an upturned lip and really...what if you

sat too near the side? It'd flip that sucker tout de suite! No no no...c''s just a coffee

table. I didn't get a chance to inspect the side tables but they look to me (because of the legs

styling) to be a match to the coffee table.


Of course I can't resist taking pictures of the vintage appliances and any cool vintage modern

kitchen goodies. I looked all over that range for a manufacturer but couldn't find a name plate

or tag. I was thinking it might be a Hardwick. Not sure why. Something about the glass in the

oven door and the knobs.




There were plenty of smalls at the sale as well. I picked up some great vintage towels that I'll

show of another day and that snazzy Panasonic flip clock radio too. I had already spend a

good chunk of change at a previous sale so, no...I didn't snatch up all that Broyhill or Drexel.

But...Accent had ANOTHER sale just up the street (within walking distance!) and we poked

around that one as well where I scored...well...I'll show ya later. I also took a number of

pictures of that joint as well. Oh what a pretty vintage kitchen that place had! Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like you got quite a haul there. Did you happen to check out the Salvation Army? There was tons of great stuff in every STL thrift store this weekend. Must have been a few collectors out of town this weekend or something.

  2. I love the Forward 70 line - have a couple pieces in my bedroom. I really really wanted Brasilia but I'm kind of glad I found the Forward 70 first. It is gorgeous and you just don't see it anywhere. I'd love to find a night stand since the mate to my dressers had already sold. Wish I could have gone to that sale!

  3. Nick - Sorry I never got back to you this weekend. I was driving when you texted me and by the time I got to where I was going (the big auction in south county) I had forgotten about the text and was so overwhelmed by the sale! I can't wait to see what you got at the St. Chuck Salv. Army! I never did make it out there. I think all the dealers were at the big auction!

    Vint. Hunter - It really is nice. I was thinking about it earlier today and realized that the china cabinet would have gone nicely with my Conant Ball R.W. dining table and chairs. Too late now. Oh well.

  4. I picked up a Brasilia high-boy and ceramic lamp up at the St Charles Salv Arm. Left quite a few pieces behind because I needed to switch cars later in the afternoon and wouldn't have time to unload them. There was a retro sofa as well as a complete (dresser w/mirror, bed frame, chest of drawers, and two nightstands) mid-century Basset bedroom set with really ornate carved wood handles. Due to its size, it might still be there. They also had a full mid-century Lane bedroom set at the one downtown.

  5. I scored a nice Broyhill Forward 70 desk and chair at an estate sale earlier this year and I absolutely love it. I had to come back later to pick it up and the guy told me that 4 or 5 other people were asking about it after I had paid for it. Good thing he was honest!