Monday, October 10, 2011

Messed Up Sleep Schedule Or No, This Great Retro Lamp Was Waiting For Me At The Wentzville Flea Market. Status: Got.


Yup, even though I'm trying to get back to my normal (a word I'm using loosely since I usually get up about 11am) sleep schedule after working third shift last week, I still got up at the crack of dawn to hit Wentzville! It was a little bit of a disappointment as I didn't find anything AMAZING...well, except this neato lamp.

Urgh...sleep deprivation.  It's worth it to spend a perfect morning (sunny and 60 - 70 degrees)

strolling around the flea market with your best girl.  That and the finding of super duper treasures

don't hurt none either.


I found some other worthy goodies besides this lamp but was too bushed (took a long nap this

afternoon) to even get them out of the car.  And this lamp was just the base at the flea market.

It didn't have the amazing multi tiered shade.  That was procured quite some time ago during

a trip to Chicago.


Used to be, I would find all these great lamp bases at the thrift stores.  They were everywhere.

St. Louis seemed lousy with them. (::shakes head::)  Then...THEN...I made the big mistake.  I

was in New Orleans spouting off to a shop owner (who buys, paints, puts New shades on and

sells these at her shop) about how I see these Everywhere in StL. and that I could bring down

a bunch of them next time.  Guess what.  Haven't hardly seen another one at a thrift store since.


Anyway, before I noticed that I wasn't finding any new lamps I found a number of great lamp

shade at an antique mall on the way to Chicago and snatched them all up as they were priced

really good. Little did I realize that it was a great deal on a pile of shades that would sit and

mock me for months to come! finally paid off! I mean, what a great lamp combination,



  1. sooooo cool! I took a cool two tiered table lamp and turned it into a "chandelier" in my eat in Kitchen.

  2. Looks good! Love the green and white.

  3. Very nice combo! We always snatch up vintage shades when we see them. Usually a lot easier to find the lamps than the shades and this ones a winner!