Friday, October 14, 2011

Eureka!!! Presto!!! OMG!!! Two New (Well...New To Me) Clothes Irons With Great Names. Status: Great Design.


I've figured it out (eureka?)'s not the irons themselves that I'm collecting but various fine examples of product design. Just look at these. Look at them not as a tool for women to do women's work (not that Mr. Modtomic condones such notions...except to mess with people) but as an example of modern industrial design.


This Presto steam iron totally smacks of masculinity. It looks as if it were designed to resemble

a Pennsylvania Railroad's 52 T1 class duplex-drive 4-4-4-4 steam locomotive from back in the

Forties. It also resembles a 1960 Chrysler New Yorker in some respects. For a household item

directed at the woman of the house it sure doesn't look like anything that a woman would swoon

over! Still...there is a shapely sexiness to this steam/dry iron. I can say that about an iron...can't

I? That shiny black plastic body kinda looks a little like a patent black leather stiletto heel!  I

shouldn't know that much about shoes, should I?


This baby not only has the looks but is sporting some pretty amazing technology. This Eureka

(made by a vacuum cleaner company!) dry iron almost resembles a caricature of the '30 / '40

streamlined locomotives
. Since the streamliners were the utmost in luxury travel I'm guessing

that the product designers where assuming that the same would be perceived of the act pressing

of pants and skirts if this particular iron was used. What they didn't have to guess about is the

absolutely amazing design feature of CORDLESS Ironing! Look...this thing is old. Way older

than Mr. Modtomic. It's Cordless! Can you go buy a cordless iron down at your local Walmart?

Oh...I guess you can...but look! It looks A Lot like this Antique iron! Hmmmm...coincidence?

I...Think...Not! Plus, I bet nobody will be blogging about that iron 50 years from now. 'Cuz

they'll all be like, "blog? You mean like Grandpa and Grandma used to do?"


  1. What kills me is men invent these things but barely a one knows how to use them.

    Just messin' with ya', wink wink.

    I got a brand new vintage iron never out of the box last week for $5.00 because no one wanted it. Ironing has gone the way of the dodo bird for a lot of us though I like nothing better than crisply ironed pillow cases.

  2. I'm just going to leave this here.

  3. Those are both amazing. Even the faceplate of the Presto is aetheticly pleasing! I would love to try either one of them out.