Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snatched Up This 8 Piece Franciscan Duet Supplement Set Over The Weekend From Unique Thrift. Status: Sometimes "More" Is More!


There are 8 pieces here but on of the side plates has a sizable chip in the back of it's edge and there is a small chip on the top edge of one of the dinner plates. It's all good though. This set isn't perfect and isn't intended to be just displayed but actually used. I now have a nice 31 piece set of this Franciscan Duet available for immediate delivery!


I spotted the "eyebrow" dishes at the thrift store first peeking out from under a bunch of other

plates and whatnot. Sweet. I didn't have any of these plates in this pattern (I've got a set of 8

in the Franciscan Starburst) and was super happy to find them cheap. It's the special dishes that

are the hardest to these, butter dishes, berry bowls, coupe bowls, serving pieces and

the like.


There are many styles of stamp on the Franciscan dinnerware that can help date the dishes. Looks

like the dinner plates are from some time between '53 and '58 while the side plates are from maybe

'58 through '60. Not sure as the TV mark (shaped like a TV tube...remember those?!) doesn't

exactly match any of those shown on the web site in the link.


A close up of the decoration. Mod flowers that even a Mr. can love without feeling like his

masculinity is being encroached upon!


This is some older pictures of the rest of the set.  It is currently available on one of my craigslist ads.


  1. I'm TOTALLY digging those candles! They'd look perfect on the Hacienda Patio - can you tell me where you got 'em? Thanks!

  2. You've got a serious plate addiction! These are adorable. Reminds me a little of my china set (inherited from my Grandma.)

  3. Mod Betty - I found these candles at thrift stores. I bet that you could get them new at restaurant supply stores. I keep them on the bar for parties. I wonder if the "fishnets" around the outside was originally there just to protect the glass and restaurant owners didn't realize they were supposed to remove them and now everybody just leaves them on cuz that's how they've always seen them.

    Vintage H - I do have a pretty serious dinnerware addiction but I'm still very picky. I spotted some very pretty Franciscan dinnerware today at an estate sale but while I really liked the pattern I just don't really care for plates with silver rims and these had that. I passed.

  4. You know, I've always thought the fishnets were supposed to stay on there, in case the candle fell and broke - at least the glass wouldn't go everywhere! Nowadays I do see the more modern version of 'em (sans net) but of course I want the ones with the net. Ah,well, always have to keep my eye out for something when I'm out thrifting. Keep up the good work!