Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Know The Salt And Pepper Shakers Is The Girlfriends Thing But The Mr. Managed To Pluck These Gems From The Flea Mkt Last Sunday! Status: Russel Wright? For A Buck? Yes Please.


I've been on a streak with these Russel Wright Iroquois nesting salt and pepper shakers lately.  Seems that lots of sellers don't know that they are anything special.  Looks like I've got four and a half sets of these!

But before we take a closer look at the shakers check out these spiffy hand made pillows

that I picked up at the third estate sale from last Friday morning.  I got all kinds of goodies

and still haven't shown you all of them!  Don't can be sure that you'll have to

suffer through seeing all of everything sooner or later!  But aren't these pillows sweet?  They

aren't Barkcloth and kinda seem like fiberglass but are softer.  I love the pattern.  I've got

lots of drapes that kinda look like these but aren't as soft.




Nice catch, right?  Whadoya think about the Trader Vics set?  More Tiki = Good Tiki!  You

know......these are small enough that you could turn them into X-Mas ornaments...if one were

so inclined!  Mine are joining the Tiki collection.   I don't yet know if I'm down with the green

Russel Wright S & P though.  It's not the most appealing color.  Anybody (Dana!) know

off hand what the actual color name for that is?  I think the other set is in Ripe Apricot though

it's so hard to compare colors (and really dial it in) using pics on the web.


  1. One set is Parsley Green, and the other is very likely Ripe Apricot, although it's so hard to tell from one monitor to another and because of the differences in photographs with and without flash. I've seen three colors that are totally different in real life look almost the same in photos...Ripe Apricot, which is a brownish orange, Cantaloupe, which is much more orangy-pink, and Nutmeg, which is much more brown. I'm with you on the Parsley. It's one of my least favorite colors.

  2. Here is a great site that has a RW color chart

  3. Gosh, are you two (Dana & Bopfish) just getting up or still awale frpm Friday?! I myself am staking out am estate sale an have not as of yet hit the hay. I'm 'a be grouchy tomorrow. Hopefully it will be worth it!

  4. Please forgive the typos...commenting from tne phone is a nice convenience but isn't easy.

  5. I've been on a watch-all-back-episodes-of-Breaking Bad marathon for the past few days, staying up all night. But that's not terribly unusual. My normal bedtime is 2-3 a.m.

  6. I like the Trader Vic shakers. I just picked one up for like nothing last week too. Sadly, I just have one and not a pair.