Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party Was A Success! Plenty Of Good People, Good Food And Good Drink. Good Thing I Gots Plenty Of Barware! Status: Well Stocked.


Thank GOD we have a spare bedroom...and laundry room...and some room in the garage...and under the bed, for all the Extra Barware!  One of these days I'll go through all of it and decide what stays and what goes.

I think these might end up on the "goes" list.  I really do need to thin the heard.  I have way

too much.  Much more than I could Ever hope to use.  I could probably have a big party

every week and not use the same glassware twice!


I picked this set of 10 tumblers plus 1 slightly smaller extra at the estate sale where I picked

up the C. Jere a few weeks ago
. It was all hiding up in a closed cabinet in the kitchen. I

almost didn't check the cabinets but ended up talking to the nephew of the former home

owner for a while in the kitchen...and since I was in there...well, everything got a closer /

second look.


It's nice to find a big set. Even or odd, when it's a big set it's easy to over look. Anything

over a set of 8 is gravy. You don't have to worry so much about one getting broken so

much. Spares are so nice. Especially when you are serving adult beverages in them.


The good news bar ware got broken tonight! Not even by me! I was good. I just

hope that everybody had as good a time as I did. Hope you all are having a good weekend

as well!


  1. i panic if i had to take out vintage china....u r brave

  2. MY GOSH! Those last pictures look like a "Radio City Rockett" Kick line!

  3. Thanks for the invite. Had a great time and compliments on the fruit pizza. Love that stuff.