Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Wait Is Over! Here It Is! What You've Been Waiting For All Your....Monday... Status: Aaaaaavailable.


Even the Tag is cool!  "Galaxy Designs"!  Sparkley Starbursts!  Awesome Retro Font.  It's got it all.  Oh oh...the sofa and chair ain't too shabby either.  Check it out.


Sweet no? Orange you glad you....no no no...no orange jokes. But it is a sweet color. And

what an amazing classically Vintage Modern shape. So pleasing to the eye.



With three estate sales and one auction (almost didn't go, but Illuminate was there and it
was a beautiful home...you see) worth hitting Saturday morning something had to nudge me

in a specific direction. This matching Kroehler sofa and chair set was the tie breaker. I

wanted to get it but I didn't want it so bad that I was willing to camp out for it. Sometimes

you just gotta get a little sleep. So we didn't get up until 7am! Still we got there before most

and managed to secure 5th / 6th in line. Actually...something strange happened at this sale.



The sellers opened THREE lines into the house. One in through the Front door, One through

the Back door and One into the Basement. I'm glad that I didn't get up early and camp out

to be first in line as I would have probably blown a gasket upon hearing about this. Anybody

else have some strong feelings about this idea? Turns out it didn't matter at all since I

acquired every item I came for and had the opportunity to purchase any of the items that I

was interested in. Funny how a ton of people can show up to a sale and not touch a single

item you are there for!



The sofa and chair aren't mint. The Are vintage after all. They have some minor issues. There

is some fabric wear on the upper edge of the front. Not a big deal but there it is. Some

people are particular about such things and this Is going on the ads. I'll never try to hide an

imperfection to make a buck. I might try to Fix it but not hide it. I think with some detailed

use of a permanent orange marker it could look like new! I'll leave that to the next owner.

  The cushions are coughing up the orange dust too.  They might just need to be restuffed.

  I've got the foam for that if the next owner wants to pick some up at the same time or they

might be able to talk me into cutting it for them.


  1. Yeah, the cores are probably turning to dust and crumbly but this set would so be worth recovering. I've had success turning some pieces in similar condition and the buyers were very happy with the condition and especially the price. And yes, the marker solution does work until you can afford to reupholster....

  2. That sofa looks similar to the blue/green one I picked up in Springfield, MO. It doesn't have a tag, but perhaps its a Kroehler too.