Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Got This Amazing C. Jere Sculpture This Weekend...Yeah, It Was An Awesome Weekend. Status: Signed And Tagged.


This was at Friday morning estate sale number 3...no no, wait...let me rephrase that.  This was STILL at Friday morning estate sale number 3 when I got there at about 11am!  It was even shown in the online preview pics (although, to be perfectly honest I wasn't SURE it was a C. Jere until I had it in my hands).

It was totally the tag (my second tagged Jere) that got me.  I didn't even see or recognize the

signature / date until just a little earlier this evening when I spotted a siggy on another one of

these in a picture on an auction site.  I then took a closer look at my piece and realized I had

actually thought the siggy was some sort of staining on the brass!  It's not real clear but once

I knew what I was looking for and where to look, well...it was just obvious.


How lucky is Mr. Modtomic? This is how this went down. I walked in the front door, spotted the

Jere, geeked over the tag, paid the nice lady, immediately took it to the car and returned to do

some shoppin' / photography. Ever get like that? It's like....Giddy Paranoia! No? No one else? Do

I perhaps need to be medicated? Maybe it was just the lack of sleep. I hate lacking stuff.



If you've been reading Mr. Modtomic (reading...that's rich...like anybody drops by for the words)

you might remember my first signed and tagged Jere. What is it with people not removing the tags?

I've found two this year and Bopfish has one too.


I'm pretty sure someone else will have one soon too as I'm gonna let this one go. It's going to

end up on my C-list ad and would make a great Christmas present...or Halloween present or

whatever.  It'll just look great on your wall!


  1. Great piece! My SIL was pretty excited too when he found his big signed ship the other day.

  2. woah! nice find. i have been keeping my eye out, no luck yet. ah yes, the paranoid feeling, i always feel like i have to run towards the item and cradle it like a baby before someone else takes it!

  3. Excellent find! I get paranoid like that too.

  4. We like the words too. Honest :).

  5. Love this piece! I sometimes can't get in the door and to pay fast enough. Crazy, aren't we?!

  6. Love these things. Have you ever seen a hot-air baloon? Someone has one on Ebay but it is not signed.