Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Early Halloween Folksy Folks. I Got A Nice Danish Style Table Available Here And Inside A Halloween Youtube Playlist. Status: Check 'Em Out!


This'll be on my ads soon.  I'm just to busy right now.  Maybe by Sunday I'll have my ads updated.  Anyway, did I mention...Cards Win! Cards Win!  Oh, right...I did.  Also of note, we are having a Halloween Party (no costumes or anything like that) tomorrow night.  Inspired by ModFruGal, I've put together a nice little Halloween play list of ghoulish songs for the party.

Play the list and imagine that you're here dancing, socializing, eating and drinking with us!


Or you can just come by and listen with the rest of us...and while your here, wouldn't you

just love to take this sleek danish style coffee table home with you? It is sporting a Formica

top but also has a fitted glass top. If you're not into the Formica you can place a collage

under the glass of your favorite photos (print up a bunch off my blog! those are your

favorites...right?). Make it yours, then make it truly yours!

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