Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nothing Real Important To Report Today. How About Some Random Pics Of Things That Have Come And Gone? Status: Gone Daddy Gone...(The Love Is Gone)

gone DSCN7427

I've gone through a lot of great items before the blog came along...seems a shame to leave all those beautiful items nearly forgotten and in the past! Take a looky!

I must have picked this up and passed it on just before the advent of the blog. It was a

craigslist find. I went over to the sellers house (which wasn't too far from home) to pick

this up before work. The seller still had it down in his basement when I arrived. This was

one of the few times I felt a little uncomfortable checking out an item. The stairs to the

basement were in the back of a packrat garage (kinda like ours! only not filled with cool

stuff) and they led down to a packrat basement.

gone DSCN7421gone DSCN7426

The seller was kind of a big (bigger than me) guy and his son (I think...and also bigger than

me) was down in the in the basement already and doing many loads of laundry. There were

like 3 sets of washer / dryers down there. Weird. So like two big guys in a cramped space

and between me and egress. Maybe not an ideal situation I had put myself best idea

was to just not turn my back on either. But it all worked out. No one ended up on a milk

box and I got a great Lane Acclaim single pedestal desk out of the deal! This ended up

going to a fella who had all of his grandmother's Lane Acclaim set and wanted to complete

it more fully.

gone DSCN7436

This table was another craigslist find. I thought for all the world that it was a Herman Miller

/ Eames dining table. It wasn't but it was a very nice table. The top was Solid wood like 2"

thick. Super heavy. The base was aluminum. Even though it wasn't an Eames table it was

great. I also picked this up on my way to work. It was super hot out that day. I took my

tools with me so that I could take the top off and fit it into Frank. I was in kind of a hurry

so I paid the seller and got going pretty quick only to realize a little later that I had left my

tool kit at the sellers house. I called them up to see if I could come by after work and pick

them up. They were kind enough to place the kit between their front door and the screen

door so that I didn't have to disturb them at 10:45pm when I got there. It's always an


Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 01Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 05Sold Cromecraft Style Table Red White Grey 07

The Girlfriend actually found this on craigslist years ago. It was usurped by an even cooler

one that we are still using to this day...that she also found. Actually she found even another

one that we sold to a co-worker. Dang, she's pretty adept at finding these kinda tables!

This table was taken to New Orleans on one of our many trips there and now resides with

a very nice Teacher who lives there. I've left a number of things behind with her. I hope

she's been very happy with it. I need to shoot her a note...she probably doesn't even know

about the blog! She was really into this kinda stuff so I'm sure she'd like the blog.


I can't remember off hand where these ended up! They are definitely gone. I know I got

them down the street at the Value Village thrift store. The prints were in great shape but

like any art you get at the thrift store, the frames were a little banged up. No biggie unless

you are perfectionist...and certainly there is nothing wrong with that. I meet a lot of

people who also shop at the retro shops and we almost always have a discussion about

pricing at the shops. My take is that if you are looking for something in perfect or nearly

perfect condition (like new) and want it now, then you have to go to the shops and open

your wallet a little wider. That's why they get the big bucks. They don't shop at the

Goodwill! They go straight to the source.

sold DSCN6573

This Panasonic stereo is now over at Mr. Wibler's joint (another smokin' hot pad...check

it out!)
. Mr. W has very high standards so this is kind of an honor to have an item from Mr.

Mod's collection being displayed in his joint. The funny thing is that I have another just like

it still but had forgotten that I had it at the time I brought this one home and didn't realize

that I had the second until well after this one left my possession! Weird, right?!


  1. Cool pieces! Did you ever sell the great Lane desk that had shelves and cubbies side opposite the kneehole? I loved that thing!

  2. I would REALLY love to go to some of these sales with you let people tag along?

  3. Dana - Yes! The Lane desk is finally gone. It was a really neat design with the tambour doors and all the display area on the back side. It needed to be in the right space to be displayed properly.

    Bizzlestick - Sure! I've started hitting a lot of the sales with a friend of mine that I met at an estate sale. The thing is...we go to some of them SUPER early and have to wait outside for a long time. We're kinda nuts.