Friday, October 28, 2011

Estate Sale Box Of Booty With A Surprise Inside! Status: Available...Mostly.


While I was at the Belleville estate sale last weekend I kept passing by this box of dishes without giving it a second glance. I was busy buying up the goodies and then taking pics of the joint. But then I stopped long enough to notice that even though I'm not much into the mustard yellow color there was a little something else about this box-o-dishes that didn't quite add up and maybe I had better take a closer look.


I see this pattern from time to time around town and if it's priced right I'll pick it up and

bring it home. I always been able to find a new home for them. I don't actively seek it out

but it does seem to find me and I spotted a box of dishes at the estate sale (where I picked

up the beautiful Vintage Modern Kroehler sofa and matching chair) last weekend that had

four mustard yellow coffee cups poking out of the top.


I passed them by a couple two or three times before I stopped for a closer look even to see

what pattern was in the box. Ah ha! Starglow! I love the starbursts. The color isn't quite my

cup of tea. It's not a complete set either. It makes for a great starter set or a nice set to fill in

a starter set and build it up. This is how most of my big sets evolved including my Franciscan

. You just have to have faith that more will show up. It ALWAYS does!


So as soon as I can get around to it I'll be adding this to my craigslist ads. I'm hoping

somebody out there (Dan...I'm thinking of you buddy!) needs this little set. It's in mostly

excellent condition with one dinner plate that has a crackled finish. Not sure what happens

to make the finish crackle like that. Any plate scientists out there got an answer for me?


But what made me finally do a quick double take of the box was a couple of blue coffee

cups poking out the top. Hey wait a minute. Those don't go with the yellow ones.

Something's up. Wonder what else might be hiding in that box. I had to dig in and find

out. Oh My!


Wow, right? Who woulda' expected to find a little "bistro(?)" set of Salem Northstar dishes

tucked down in with the Star Glow? These are already spoken for by my good friend

Illuminate. She has a sad little Northstar collection started and needs this to help fill it out.

That's what she does. Gets sad things and then waits for me to make it all better. You

know it's true Illuminate! Starburst...Brasilia...Northstar. When will it end?!?!? Just kidding.

I realize it never will.


It's weird that there was only a complete set for two at the sale. Once I knew there were a

few pieces in the box I looked around the house for more but came up empty handed.

Maybe there only ever was two settings. Beats me. It's funny how the Northstar pattern

is kinda hard to find around these parts but the Biscayne pattern is pretty easy to find and

the pink version of this pattern called Hop Scotch is nearly non-existent around here. Boy,

what I'd give for a nice set of Hop Scotch. I know, I's pink. It's dishes. I'm weird.


  1. The two cups and plates turn me into a 6 place setting, yay! I also would love a set of Hop Scotch but I now that is asking much of the Retro Gods. I have seen the Biscayne and passed on multiple occasions. It's not for me.

  2. Oh how I love Northstar. I have my Grandmothers set of "Fairlane" pattern dishes by Steubenville Pottery its not quite a complete set, but its our "every-day" dishes. The Girlfriend likes the pink and blue flowers on them.(For Special occasions we have a Frankoma set for 20, that i've built up). God help me if she discovers "Hop Scotch" lol!