Friday, October 7, 2011

If This Was Only ONE INCH Narrower...What A Great Flat Panel TV Stand This Would Make. Status: Gotta Paint It...But It's Available!


I got a pair of these off craigslist about a year or so ago. My first inclination was that one would be a great TV stand. But that never worked out. They are too wide to fit where I have the TV. Oh well, I managed to place one of them in the spare bedroom and use it for it's intended purpose!


The cabinets are very nicely put together. Much nicer than the junk you buy at the computer

store or Target. They are made of real wood throughout. The top of the cabinet base is

Formica though, for durability me thinks. The rest appears to be veneered plywood. Or at least

veneered (real wood) high density particle board.


They look to me to be from the '60s but I guess they could just as easily be from the '80s. I'm going

to either sell this one as is or if I get a chance to get to it this weekend I might clean up and paint the

trim around the cabinet bottom either white or black.


Can't decide which would look better. These are just crappy edited renderings but you get the idea.

Which of these ideas looks better? Would another color altogether look better or is there a better

idea than painting? The wood is a little too dinged up to just sand and stain.


  1. i think the black makes it look more mid century-ish.

  2. I vote white. Can't beat the contrast white and warm wood makes on a piece. And what a find. This will make someones TV look fantastic.

  3. I'm digging the black. It looks more mid century-ish.