Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Think What I Showed Ya Yesterday Was All I Spied Up At The Thrift Shops. Status: Mostly Snatched.


But first...Thrifts Of Terror!!! I've got just two words for this thing...WTF? This is a seriously messed up looking "toy". I bet somebody out there has some explanation of what this is all about. Care to enlighten and assuage my fears?



Just needs some "Lipstick" doncha think?  And nothing says "tasty cup of joe" like "amlodipine

besylate / atorvastatin calcuim".  Just like Grandma used to make!


Ooohh...A Russel Wright serving dish!  And only $1.99!  Ohhh...suck...it's got a chip in the edge.

  THAT'S why it's only $1.99.  Man, I thought I had really scored!

I didn't pick up the Russel Wright, the tiny carafes, the cute little blue pine cone creamer or the

cool orange carnival like glassware.  But I did pickup all this other good stuff.  Check it out!  Thrift

score all over the joint!


Googie snack trays made of woven wood and resin epoxy.  Sweet compote by Royal Haeger

and while it's hard to see...that is a TIKI mug.  A very angry TIKI mug.


What do you make of this collection of drink glasses?  I got to do a little research and see if I

can figure out the artist.  I was hoping the lacquer wear cheese / cracker plate was Fred Press

but it ain't signed.


Scored lots of Frankoma stuff all at one shop.  Unique Thrift.  Usually a little over priced but this

was all very reasonable.


Check out this small lot of 8 Franciscan Duet plates!  Cheap as H*ll too.  Oh except one of the

salad plates has a little edge chip.  Oh well.


  1. omg that toy! my friend's have that for their kid, someone gave it to them. i still have no idea what it is but it sings and dances and is (as you said) generally creepy!!

  2. That toy is seriously messed up. The studded head is what creeps me out the most.

  3. LOL! That thing is suppose to be lovable? And that pig. What is up with all the wonky pigs lately?

    Great scores! Love those wooden snack trays.

  4. The creepy thing is from some PBS kids show. It's sort of like a knockoff Teletubby.Super creepy!

  5. yes, that toy is the stuff of nightmares!!!! EEEK!!!

  6. the toy would be a boohbah, I couldn't make something like that up. PBS would be correct. I dare anyone to sit through 3:40 of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJvHrx1X-Gk

  7. sublimeG - Like the Beastie Boys said...Oh My God That's Some Funky Sh*t! It's like the littlest kids who watch TV are on acid trips or something! Those kinds of kid shows are like the Fire and Forget missiles the military has. Sit kid down...press on button...leave room. There is no way a grown human could sit and watch that every day. Makes me wonder about the people who Produce these shows. How are they not crazy?