Monday, October 24, 2011

Yep, Frank Got To Play Pack Mule Saturday! Whee! Actually Sunday Too As I Just Got This Unloaded This Afternoon. Status: Crazy Busy Weekend.


We decided to catch the Keils estate sale in Belleville Il. first Saturday morning.  It was a tough call between this sale and the Accent sale I featured yesterday, but we really did clean up here!  We didn't even get up at a ridiculous hour and WEREN'T first in line (5th / 6th actually!).

I know! What a beautiful morning for an estate sale! It was a little chilly at first but the Sun

was out and the wind was calm so it was very comfortable with layers. By the time I was

loading up I was down to a T-shirt (and jeans...dirty mind).





But before all the "for sale" goodies let's take a quick look at this mid twentieth century gem

that has a date with a wrecking ball, or so was the rumor going through the line while waiting

for the sale to begin. Seems the funeral home behind this property has purchased it

presumably to level and either expand or pave over. Sad. this is an amazing vintage / retro

home with great bones and beautiful brick. I should have taken a closeup of the brick. The

St. Louis area is renown for it's excellent brick and this house was no exception. Check out

the beautiful birch kitchen cabinets, right up there with vintage steel cabinets in my humble

opinion. The wall paper in the kitchen is subtle but has these excellent gold flecks in it (like

Goldschlager!) and on top of that...wait for it...Alligator texture. The hallway was done up

in a very pretty fall print Masonite.  Even the seam fillers were in a matching print!  It might

not be the most expensive or luxurious wall treatment but attentions Was paid to the details

and it looked great!



This is hands down the coolest bathroom I've seen at an estate sale.  Hands Down!  The

blue and yellow tile was actually plastic.  You'd think it being plastic that it would be all

dinged up but the home owners kept this place nice.  It will be such a shame when this is

gone.  I can't imagine a way to rescue this kind of tile work before the place comes down.

  Such a shame.  I have seen other plastic tile work before but this bathroom is just

amazing.  The color and the size of tile is so unusual.  And did you notice that even The

Ceiling is tiled?  Uhm...WOW!  But carpet?  In the bathroom?  No thanks. Oh, and the

Skylark Boomerang? That's contact paper!



This was pretty much "it" for the interesting items upstairs. I (obviously) bagged the sofa and

chair...then had to figure out how to get them home. Rare is it that I drive home from an

estate sale with the back hatch open but it does happen now and then. Even rarer is the

event of Mr. Mod tying a large item on TOP of Frank! Frank looked like he was wearing

a big orange hat.





Everybody knows all the Good Stuff is in the basement! Check it out. Not one but TWO

vintage dryers! Weird. They were so cheap too. Oh man, even looking at the pictures now

it hurts. It was SOOooo hard to leave these behind. So hard. The one on the right appears

to be a 1957 Kenmore but I'm not sure about the other. If this had been a matched set of

WASHER and Dryer I would have loaded them up and brought them home. I left them

behind because I know how I'd be about trying to find a mate for each and I'm busy

enough already plus I just don't have the room and don't really want to have to make the

room for a pair of dryers in the garage!



Of course there are always the vintage fridges and freezers down here too. They seem to

run forever and these folks didn't throw away anything that was still in working order no

matter how out of fashion it might be. Of course, just cuz it's in the basement doesn't mean

it works...I mean, once it's down there, working or not...who wants to lug it back out?



There were some smalls in the basement that I didn't snatch up like this little blue fan, this

aluminum Christmas tree and these aluminum ice trays. They all had issues. The Blue fan

had a dent in one of the upper corners. The Christmas tree was missing a branch, a post

for the center and the stand. The ice trays were very intriguing but I couldn't figure out how

one would extract the ice except by hand. No thanks! I did buy plenty of other smalls here

but you'll just have to wait to see them. 'Til next time...


  1. Can't wait to see close-ups of the sofa and chair! The ice trays are like the ones I grew up with. There was a special tool you used as a lever. I've been looking for one online for months, but I can't even find a picture of one. We thought we were really uptown when we got the trays with built in levers. :)

  2. I've got a few of those ice trays sitting in my office at work. I've never seen them used before, so I might go test them out just to see how they operate.

  3. OH MY GOSH! Im in love with the freezer, and I only WISH I had the option of passing on an aluminum christmas tree. I guess they never really caught on here in North texas, or maybe in the 80's everyone heaved a collective "God these are ugly" and threw them away :( Can't wait to see where the couch and chair will go!