Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day.......Bed.......That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout! I Do Loves Me Some Nappin' After An Early Morning Estate Sale! Status: Pull My Trundle.


This was an unexpected purchase Saturday afternoon. We had hit a few estate sales already that morning but our friend Illuminate had texted me that we Must come check out the big "mid century" estate auction that she had been at since mid morning.  I'm still stinging from the previous Thursday auction so I was hesitant but decided to just stop by to hang out.

I didn't even bother to get a number to bid with.  I was not going to get suckered into

another auction.  But then Illuminate said I could just use her number if I wanted to bid

on something.  Dammit.  So of course I started bidding on everything in sight.  Not really

but I did throw my hat into the ring on a few choice items that I thought I might have some

chance at.  Nothing panned out...except this.


Luckily the Girlfriend had suggested that we leave Frank...all loaded down as he

home and take Tinkerbell instead.  Good call sweet Girlfriend, good call.  I'd've (<--weird

that) been totally screwed if we hadn't swapped out cars.  As it was this daybed was a very

tight fit!


Two trips in one day with the hatch open.  This is just crazy.  Like one of those Youtube

videos of a dog licking a kitten clean.  And the really crazy thing is that I had just bought the

Kroehler set earlier that same day and I didn't exactly know how I would fit THAT into the

Garage...much less this!  I made room...for both!  I did enough re-arranging that the Garage

actually looks Less crowded!


It's not just a nice Danish style daybed but it also has a trundle pull out secondary that makes

it a queen size guest bed! Talk about handy! Got a spare bedroom that you're using as an

office? Stick this bad boy in there and suddenly you've got a Guest Bedroom / Office that's

ready for your friends to pass out in next time they come by and drink all your beer! You

like? Come and get it! It's available now on my craigslist ads.


  1. Love it! If I lived closer, I'd buy it for my spare bedroom.

  2. Wow! If we didn't already have a bed in the guest bedroom, this would so be mine! Nice find!

  3. i would have snapped it up in a blink if i was in STL

  4. Hey. I checked my traffic and noticed that I too had a huge spike in visitors. A little Google Analytics sleuthing turned up a blog called Late Night Coffee. We were both featured in their last post. How's it feel to be internet famous? lol

    Did you ever get around to installing Google Analytics?

  5. Dana, Bandita, Diana, Sudha. johnny! - I priced it really cheap in hopes that it would find a new home this weekend. No takers yet. If it doesn't sell quick I may just up the asking and wait for the right buyer to come along. I thought for sure it would already be gone!

    nick - I was included in the "Thrift Blog Digest" on Late Night Coffee the week previous to the one you were included in and I did see a number of hits from that blog (thank you Late Night Coffee - it was much appreciated!). I don't think that's where the big hits number came from. Right now my stats are telling me that NO ONE has visited my latest post yet I have multiple comments on that post. There is something wrong with the stats compiling at the moment me thinks. I'm sure I'll read something about it in a few days. These little problems get worked out pretty quick and Blogger usually lets us all know what the deal was. I probably won't install any other counting measures as the stats are quite enough for me.

  6. Daaaamnnnn. That is daybed is ah-mazing! If I was closer I'd be fighting my fellow commentators in your driveway.

  7. I would like to purchase this sofa, but I couldn't find it on craigslist to contact you, is it still available?