Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh, We Made The "Rounds" This Afternoon. There Was Plenty To Be Had At The Goodwill @ 472 N US Highway 67, Florissant, MO. Status: Great Turnover!


The Goodwill down the street here seems to be getting better stuff lately and has been turning over their stock more quickly than the other thrift stores nearby. Of course by "better" stuff I mean more interesting vintage stuff! I'm sure there are lots of shoppers out there who would think I'm nuts. Speaking of nuts...


...There wasn't just one or two of this print available today, but like FIVE! One for every room in

the house! Or you could do some sort of Warhol type installation with all of them. Paint each frame

a different color and put them all on one wall!


I have a weakness for this type of chip mosaic art but the subject just wasn't for me. These are

in unusually good shape too. Lot's of times when I spot these at the thrift store they are all beat

up and missing lots of their chips.


Got a thing for Formica? Here's the livingroom table set for you! Never worry about a water ring

on your table top again...or on the side...or leg for that matter. That's a lotta Formica!


Need a little '70s retro for the home office? How about a virtually indestructible credenza with a

cool tambour style door center section? This would work great for a TV stand too. A great place

to store all your electronics as well as DVDs and, if you're keeping it real like me, VHS tapes!


The Goodwill here seems to always get some interesting case goods but most are "projects". I

don't usually care for the hexigonically shaped side storage tables but that's because they are

usually of that heavy chunky Mediterranean style. This one is much more subtle and tasteful. The

other piece above looks like it was the victim of some tape used to keep the doors shut during a

move. It looks like it could be painted nice though. I don't think anybody would be crying foul on

Design*Sponge if this wood was painted over!


I came so close to popping for this little side table. It's in kinda rough shape but if someone wanted

to spend a few hours on it over a weekend with either refinishing the legs or painting it up it would

be quite nice. I just have way too many projects already. Plus...we actually bought lots of other

stuff today and I felt like leaving a little for all of youz guyz.


The two green covered Pyrex dishes were really hard to resist. I have two sets of the nesting

mixing bowls in the same graduated green colors and if this had been a complete set (and maybe

a little cheaper) I would have snatched them right up. The glass chip and dip set (I'm guessing

here) was pretty cool and I've never seen a set like it before. The metal part even has two candle

holders built in. It's just such a weird design in that it would seem difficult to get to the chips when

the dip part is in place. Weird. Anybody ever seen a set like this before?


  1. seems like a really cool place...:)

  2. I'm kinda crazy over the "Camelot Jousting Chip art"! My Girlfriend was in a production earlier this year.