Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mad Party Necessities Recently Plucked From The Thrift Store And Estate Sale. Status: "Bout To Get Used.


Party Time?  Bring it on.  I gots all the indispensable smalls!  I got your drinks AND snack covered as well as a little Tiki decor to boot.  Let the good times begin!


Isn't this an stunning drink set?! I bagged this at the Hey / Wake estate sale the weekend

before last. I forgot how utterly cool the set was until I pulled it out of its newspaper

wrapping this morning. The design has an "Escher-esc" quality to it. The relation to Op Art

is undeniable.


These were found at the St. Charles Salv. Army a few weeks back. Did someone say party?

Oh yeah, that was me. Perfect. Now everybody can keep their D*MN DRINKS off my

nice wood tables...oh yeah, and carry a few snacky snacks with them at the same time.

Cool, huh?


Woven Wood. Found it at the St. Chuck Salv. Army as well. The stuff is supposed to be

"virtually unbreakable" as well as "dishwasher safe"! It does seem pretty tough. It certainly

is pretty. So is the net float. These are SO Tiki Bar. It came from the same estate sale as

the drink set. I wish I could put lights in them. We're having a Halloween party this year in

lieu of a trip to New Orleans (Sorry Big Easy, didn't get much response to my N. O.

craigslist ad and $$$ just a little tight). I might just make it Tiki themed! Believe me...I got

enough Tiki crap!



  1. First time visitor on your blog. Love your mod eye and fabulous finds!

  2. ATG - Hi! Welcome! Glad you like. Enjoy your stay and come back often, please!