Thursday, October 20, 2011

What A Timely Find! Just As The Cool Weather Arrives Mr. Mod Finds A Fantastic Fireplace Tool Set. Status: Available!


Oh got cold here in the StL.  I done turned on the heat...and that's sayin' something.  Wasn't it just like a hundred about three weeks ago? makes for good snugglin' in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace...and I got just the tool set you might need!


Yeah, it's used. It's called legitimacy! This ain't not dang Target tool set. This is the Real

Deal! I got this at the estate sale that had the Hey / Wake and the cool console stereos.

It was actually still attached to the fireplace, but each tool had a price on it so I just asked

if the hanger came with the set and the sellers were kind enough to let me use a screwdriver

to remove it. I was kinda surprised that no one else hadn't grabbed it up before me as I

had headed right past it to the basement and didn't come back upstairs and find it until

just before I was ready to leave.


It could stand a Real cleanup (I just gave it a quick wipe down with a paper towel) and

a shot of black high temp spray paint but the set is pretty solid and the brass handles are

in good condition for their age. I'm always looking for Vintage Modern fireplace stuff.

Right now it's andirons. You know...those things that keep the logs from rolling out of

the fireplace and onto your floor. I stupidly passed on a neat Art Deco set at an estate

sale a couple years back. I won't do that again. Anything other than antique-y is really

had to find.


So like, if you are interested and you're local hit me up via my craigslist ads to pick this

set up and call it your own. Think of all the romantic fires you can poke at with this set!

Think how sexy you'll look jabbin' at them smoldering logs...just like Jon Hamm or

January Jones!



Oh yeah, remember that estate sale last weekend? Remember the fireplace tool set that

wasn't available? Suck...turns out it's a Jens Quistgaard design! Leave it to Dana over at

Mid2Mod to have that info on hand! Dang. I really wanted it...even though I didn't know

it was Designer!

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  1. You find the neatest stuff! I saw in one of your back posts that you have one of those funky shaped orange fire places(looks like its off the Jetsons. I cant think of the name of them but they started making them in 1959, i've packratted 2 of them one in White and one in alvacado green. (Do you know what they are called?) I wish the Casablanca was big enough where I could instal a fire place, but alas... I bought a Lane Cradenza instead. LOL