Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pics From The First Friday Morning Estate Sale Where The (Ganked Up) Hey / Wake Dining Set Was. Status: Long Gone.


There were lots of sweet vintage modern pieces at that first estate sale Friday morning...and I got mine...but I left lots of stuff behind, cuz Mr. Modtomic ain't greedy...and well, it wasn't exactly the cheapest estate sale I've ever been to.  Not crazy expensive but not crazy cheap either.  I imagine some other lucky folks cleaned up on Saturday or Sunday!


Yeah, this Grundig is something else isn't it! I came close to picking it up and dropping it in the

back of Frank but at a cool $ was pricey enough to give me pause. I know it looks

smashing here, even though I took these crappy pics with my phone (sorry), but there were

some minor blemishes on the top. It was just too much to look past and pony up the cash.


There was even another console stereo available there. A little less Mod and leaning more

toward traditional it was still pretty nice. This one was on and playing while I was there so I'm

pretty sure it was in working condition. Sounded pretty good too! These older consoles always

have such rich sound.


Most of the good stuff (in my opinion) at this sale was down here in the basement. I wish I

could have gotten a better picture of this tile. It's the classic pink and white that you see in lots

of the '50s and '60s bathrooms. If there had been a bunch of boxes of this I would have

brought it all home. It was not so, unfortunately. The little candle holders looked cool but

had a very cheap feel. Left behind.


The phones where nice and in great shape but were also $20 each. Not a real bargain I don't

think. A nice china cabinet was also down here in the basement. It was in great shape. I hope

it found a nice new home. If I had the room out in the garage I might have brought it home

with me. I can't bring home all the strays.


If the Formica table had had chrome legs instead of black I might have brought it home. It's the

little details that sometimes makes the difference. I love the Formica top though. Isn't that just

the bee's knees?


I'm so in love with this fireplace. Right up Mr. Modtomic's alley! The stuff all around the fireplace

is what most of the stuff upstairs is what was mostly available upstairs. About the only thing

upstairs that caught my attention was this Franciscan fine china set. Really pretty, no?


The other item upstairs that I was somewhat interested in was this bookshelf. It too was just

a little too pricey for my thin wallet. It had nice details and would have matched up nicely with

my Broyhill Brasilia collection. If only it had been a little cheaper.


  1. I thought of you over the weekend...weird, I know! But I was at an estate sale and there in the kitchen was a full set of avocado Russell Wright dinnerware, serving platters, pitchers, etc. It was all in great condition, but I left it behind. I believe it was being sold per piece, but they were fairly reasonably priced. $8 for a pitcher, is that reasonable?! The only thing I brought home was some Crazy Daisy pyrex pieces. Meh.

  2. Oh wow. That first stereo is gorgeous, I'm a sucker for light colored woods. I would have dropped a Benjamin on it in a heartbeat! :)

  3. Pretty sure the hey/ wake set is already sitting in the big bend antique gallery. As of yesterday.

  4. Re: Diana, Is that reasonable?

    As far as I know that is way better than just reasonable for Russell Wright anything. . .I have seen those pitchers go for 75$ or more. I could never have passed on that set.

  5. Diana - Awww! It's nice to know that peoples be thinking about the Mr. away from the blog. As far as $8 for a RW pitcher goes...if it wasn't chipped that was a serious bargain! I about peed myself when I finally found one @ $20! But you got to be carefil about chips and cracks. They can be hard to spot sometimes.

    Beccalina - Starting to feel a twinge of regret for not bagging the Grundig.

    johnny! - Now that you mention it...I do seem to recall that seller at the sale! I need to get down there again soon.

    Annony - exactly!

  6. Wellll, she-it. I guess I should have picked up the set. NO cracks/chips I could see and I looked over most of the stuff. Here's a link to the sale Scroll down for the kitchen stuff. The pitcher isn't in the picture...they must have found it later!

  7. Diana - WOW! That sale had a lot of stuff...not much vintage modern though. It's weird that there would be such a great stash of Russel Wright Stubenville there! Nothing else in the pics seems to indicate an appreciation for the style. I mean, it still goes with the vintagey vintage, but if there hadn't been pics of it I would have never suspected it would be at that sale. Oh, and I think that the color is actually called chartreuse.

  8. johnny! - I haven't been to the Big Bend Antique Gallery to see one way or the other but the local eBay seller Momoderne has what I believe is that Heywood Wakefield set available on eBay. It looks WAY better in their ad than it did at the sale! They must have done some magic on it.

  9. Ok, can someone explain to me how the Heywood Wakefield set had bids (I believe the table had multiple bids) on it all week long and now all pieces are on the completed listings as unsold (no longer available) and having had Zero bids? I've been considering starting to sell on eBay but this seems weird. I thought that once a bid was placed on an item it could not be sold otherwise (like a buy it now) or taken out of "play" as it were. What gives?