Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick Peek Estate Sale. This One Was Just Up The Street From The Other Accent Sale We Attended This Past Weekend. Status: Picked Clean?


I passed through the front door, glanced up the stairs and this is what I spotted.  Hmmm...could it be another signed Curtis Jere?  I trotted up the stairs to find out.  Guess what...


Oh, you betcha! ANOTHER signed C. Jere wall sculpture to ad to the burgeoning collection!

No tag on this one. I'm guessing it was hung with pride. There wasn't much by way of Vintage

Modern in the house to be had though. So this was it for me.



If you can forgive the wallpaper the kitchen is all original beautificence! Well almost. The fridge

is a little newer than the amazing tile and terrific range. Have you ever seen Formica in that

style in an install this vintage? Not me! It's great. It's subtle and unexpected. I love the little

breakfast nook though it seems a little confining. Don't know if I'd like to eat in such a closed

in environ.


There wasn't much upstairs. Just a Contour Lounge chair that was upholstered in some very

unfortunate material. And did you notice the size of the Contour Lounge chair? It's so small!

Super Small! I've never seen one so tiny! If not for the upholstery I'd even say "cute". But's ugly. The carpet was all blue swooshiness though. I like it. I know most of us aren't

at all into carpet and for the most part I'd rather have hardwood too but this is just so pretty.

I guess cuz it reminds me of both the sky on a beautiful sunny day and the clear blue water

of the Gulf of Mexico (Fla. and Tx.) where we've spent many of our vacations.



Of course I have to check out the basement. But there wasn't anything down least

nothing to buy. The original fridge was down there. They ALWAYS end up down there! It

was probably still chugging along too. I didn't check. Never Ever open a questionable fridge.

You'll live a much happier life. There was a built in bar and some barstools that weren't

available and a big brass bed in a Mother In Laws bedroom but not much else. I was totally

diggin' the vintage booth and table. Nothing like some stiff vinyl and Formica! The VCT

flooring looked good at the foot of the steps but was trashed everywhere else. Too bad. It'll

probably have to all be taken up in order to sell the house. I imagine all the other vintage

goodness isn't long for this world either. Oh well, I must say that I am being surprised by

how many houses I am grateful to be allowed to visit via estate sales still that have most of their

originality in tact. With the sagging economy perhaps a few more of these will survive as is

instead of getting the quick flip treatment.


  1. We've been finding all kinds of C. Jere' stuff lately too.

  2. i hope to find one too :) tempt me with ur posts :)

  3. you vacation in Texas?! Come see us at the Casablanca some time, we'd love to have you for dinner and a show on the Drive-In! Send me an email !