Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alrighty, Here's Some MUCH Better Pics Of A Little Of The Weekend Pickins. Status: All Gussied Up For The Pics


All from one bag...all from the Goodwill in St. Charles. Score, Score, Score! Not too shabby if I do say so myself!


I wasn't sure about these glasses when I bought them. I'm not TOO into the '70s stuff but I'm

really glad I picked them up. The more I think about them the more I really like them. I have a

book on '70s collectibles and I thought I might find some info about the artist or type of art in

that but didn't have any luck.


There are two of each style of glass and each glass has a front and back design. I think each

depicts a "before and after". Well...two of them seem to anyway. The other is cupid

front and back...the other is a sailor and mermaid? Weird.


I have a sizable collection of this Royal Haeger pottery. I have ashtrays and a big fish dish and

all sorts of whatnot in this pattern and color. I'm not sure what a compote is or what it is for

though. Is it just like a candy dish? It's hard to believe this made it through the Goodwill donation /

sortation process without getting chipped or cracked.


And here is the angry Tiki mug. It so shiny that it's hard to get a good picture of the face! It just

reflects everything around it. And I guess that just pisses it off. Up with the other Tiki mugs and

stuff it goes, even though it's made in China and not so much vintage (2004).

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