Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Had Checked All The Estate Sales Listed Early Last Week And Somehow Managed To Miss The Listing With This Hey / Wake Until Last Night! Status: Left Behind


I've been on the Midnight Shift all week long meaning that I start work at 9:30pm and get done at 6am so I thought, since I'll already be up I might as well catch a Friday morning sale or three! I already had it all planned out...hit north county first...two quick sales...then over to St. Charles for another with some high end dining stuff, just on the off chance that it's still there and priced within my reach.

Then I went over the sales again...just one more time to see if maybe some new pics / items had

been added to any of those I wasn't that interested in. And viola, there it was...the ubiquitous

Hey / Wake dogbone dining set. What I've been trying to score for oh so long.


After talking to others at the sale while waiting in line, I have come to the conclusion that the

Hey / Wake set was apparently there all along and somehow I just missed it. This is why I always

check again, just in case they "ad more items" (I miss something great). I got to the sale three hours

early in an attempt to secure "first dibs" on the set only to find another buyer waiting there in her

car in front of the house. Oh no, I thought. But I pulled up next to "number 1" and asked if they

were there for the Heywood Wakefield. Luckily they were not! Sweet!


Unfortunately, after waiting around for three hours...lurking around the house trying to see inside...

making a game plan to get to the set first and actually getting to the set first I found it to be lacking

in the condition department. It's one of those things that even though you can find out what's

available at a sale you can't be sure of the condition by the photos. Another thing that ends up

being a gamble is the asking price.


This set just had to many blemishes for the asking price. What a disappointment. I had pinned

my "first dibs" hopes on this set and it kinda fell through. There were lots of other pretty cool

things there and I did manage to grab up a few choice items as well as a much needed sledge

hammer so all was not lost. Plus, I had the nicest conversation with Number 1 in line...but never

did get her name! It's kinda funny how ya start off all guarded and self aware when you meet

someone waiting outside a sale but as the hours wear's like you've been best friends for

ages. In the end I had a good time at the sale but had to leave the Hey / Wake dining set behind...

along with a bid for it in the bid box. We'll see what happens. I'm not going to get my hopes up.


  1. Do you still have your Z Chair?

    I just bought a really nice frame and am in desperately in need of the cushion dimensions. Care to share the measurements? I'd much appreciate it

  2. I got 23" X 23" X 4.5" for the seat cushion and 23" X 15" X 4.5" for the back cushion.

  3. Wow! I'm glad I didn't wake up for that one. I've been taking a little time off from estate sales, but was considering showing up extra early at this one to try to snag that dining set. Hopefully someone will come along and give it a little love and a wonderful new home.