Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Latest Frankoma Score. Nuthin' Like A Great Weekend Thrift Haul. Status: One Broken Handle...Sniffle Sniff.


This little lot is the haul from Unique Thrift a couple weekend back.  It's kinda rare to find a really good deal on a piece of Frankoma at the thrift store.  Even rarer is the opportunity to pick up multiple pieces, all priced nicely and at the same thrift store!

But of course there were some other pretty cool items to snatch up while there.  I was really

hoping that those weird white animal bookend thingies were still there but it was not to be.  Their

big creepy eyes had kinda grown on me!


So I got "schooled" while checking out at the thrift store by the clerk.  I'd seen this piece for sale

at antique malls before but always just assumed it was a candy dish or a shallow planter or

something. The young lady who checked me out (heh heh...right) stated that this was the shape

of a chili relleno.  Right!  Exactly! I'm hungry.  Can you imagine this filled with like

four or five big stuffed peppers? Mmmm...


Then there was this very nice covered bean pot or casserole dish.  Another great bargain.  If

I had an antique mall spot I could do so great on the smalls like this.  I've got another very

similar to this in size but it's in the Aztec pattern.  Ever find a great deal on something only to

find you've already got the same thing at home?  I'd love to have a catalog of all the stuff I

already have but It would look like a phone book!


I also have another piece very similar to this but in green / brown and with different handles.

  My other piece also has it's lid.  This one is missing a lid but it was just to cheap to leave

behind.  I'm sure a lid will show up sooner or later.  I'll just have to somehow remember that

I need one!


Here's the story about the broken handle.  It was fine at the store...fine in the bag all the way

home...fine when I lifted it out of the bag.  When I washed it, it just fell it was

"glued" together with sugar!  WTF?  Oh well, it's a clean break and it's all there and I'm sure

I can "fix" it with a little epoxy.


You can't really see it in these photographs but these are a very iridescent orange.  They

look like an oil film on water in the sunlight.  Very pretty.  It's called Carnival Glass.

  Probably reproduction pieces but still very nice if you like the style.  I've got a buddy who

is into this stuff.  I'll probably wrap these up for his X-mas present.  Good thing he's not into

the vintage modern and doesn't read my blog!


Say Cheese!!!  What a great mod cheese / cracker plate.  This will get some use soon.

  Thinking about having a Halloween party soon.  Gotta clean this dump up first though.

  Nobody wants to climb over disassembled danish chairs and have to squeeze past a half

dozen retro lamps to get to the cheese and matter how cool the serving pieces

are!  They will for shots me. 


  1. Great Frankoma! My Grandmother gave me her set that she received when she got married in 1955 its the "Dessert Sand" pattern like your first dish. she had a set of 8 and i've since collected to make it a set for 20. We use them for Special occasions and for the last big formal party of the year at the Casablanca (Thanksmass Dinner). Cool to know someone else out there collects the stuff!

  2. Nice pieces! Frankoma was hot here for a while, but it seems as if the demand has kinda died down. I guess it's just the normal ebb and flow of this business, huh?

  3. I have a dish just like 'chili relleno' that is more green with brown accents......I picked it up at a grave sale years ago. I have often wondered exactly what it was for and where it came from. Thanx for sharing your pics!