Monday, October 3, 2011

I've Been Thinking About Upgrading My PC To Something With A Little More Power Lately. Something Kinda Sexy Too. Status: Stainless Steel? Doesn't That Belong In The Kitchen?


I couldn't figure out where to slip the floppy disk into this beast. And where are all the USB ports? I think it might need a hardware upgrade.


I didn't pick it up but I love it for its style. I wish there was some way to use it. I have a great Apple

G3 computer that I have just for its style but it's useful as well. I use it for music and DVDs in the

bar area. This TI is just a beautiful but not as if there are any vintage PC collectors

out's still at the Salvation Army in St. Charles Mo.! As well as a few other interesting items.


I also left this nice little side table behind. It's not perfect but has loads of style for the budget minded.


This caught my eye since I've kinda been thinking about buying something to put our TV on

and hide all the electronics but need something NOT long and low. I know...exactly the opposite

of my inclination. But this would look pretty good if you knocked off the skirt on the bottom and

added some taper legs or a shot set of iron hairpin legs! Plus it has the speakers already built in

as well as some of the wiring and connections. But...again, too many projects.


  1. HA! I just saw the title and was, what new laptop setup did Mr Mod get?...then i saw the TI and got a good Mon morning chuckle. what a fun find!

  2. I wish that manufacturers had stuck with those mechanical keyboards instead of switching to membrane. The durability and key action was so much better.