Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterday I Dropped In At The Green Shag Market To Pays Me Rent And See How Thing Were Going, Then Of Course I Had To Troll A Few Thrifts. Sadly, This Lamp Was All The Vintage I Could Come Up With. Status: Ready!


Sometimes you can hunt all you like and come up blank.  Luckily I found at least ONE cool item while out yesterday!  It, of course, was a little bit of a mess when I picked it up.  A little bit of elbow grease (and Howards Restore-A-Finish) took care of that!


Funny story, when I walked up to the counter to pay for this the sales person kinda caught her self

and let out a little sigh of relief.  She said, "Oh my goodness, the way you were holding that lamp I

thought you were carrying a gun in here!".  Hmmm...well, it didn't have a shade on it...and it is

walnut and brass.  Still, that'd be a funny looking gun!  Certainly not very intimidating.  Even the

squirrels might have a laugh should you show up in the woods with it.


The good news is that I had the perfect shade for it waiting at home.  I even had the perfect bow to

hold the shade up off the table!  I love it when that happens.  And to make things even more perfect, a

large table lamp just found it's way out of my booth at The Green Shag Market and this might just be

it's perfect replacement.  Oops, I was going to go down there again today but got side tracked.  Oh



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    1. Hi Rich.

      It does have some pretty wood grain doesn't it!