Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Last Thursday I Stopped By The South County Antique Mall. I Was Surprised To Find Two Great Bargains In One Booth, One Of Which Was This NIB Progress Lighting Globe Light. Status: Gonna Hang At The Shag.


Because this is in such excellent condition and has all of it's packaging and installation instructions, I'm pretty sure this has never been installed. It's not particularly vintage but is of the mid century modern style.


This big guy is going right in the middle of my booth!  I'm going to wire up a three prong replace-

ment plug to the end of it and just run an extension cord for power so it'll still be easy to take back

down should someone need to have it.  I couldn't hardly believe I found this at the South County

antique mall.  It sure did brighten an otherwise crumby morning.


It was pretty dusty but it wasn't even as assembled as what you see here.  The two white discs were in

the bottom of the box as was the hardware to hold it all together.  The box is stamped March 27 1989

so that makes it 24 years old.  That's vintage, right?  You can still buy this model new for about $130

but I won't be asking that much...even though it is vintage.


I should be getting this down to The Green Shag Market some time this afternoon, so if you're in the

area and want to say hi, stop by...maybe we'll bump into each other (hopefully not while I'm holding

the ladder for Dan while he's hanging this for me!).  I'm on a weird work schedule again this week

(5:30pm to 2am) so I'll have a little more afternoon time to get some things done.  Part of that will be

to finally get some of these smalls around the house tagged and taken to the booth.


  1. These are classics! I have two I put in my kitchen and I love them

    1. Hi Phillip.

      We have a smaller version of this dangling from the roof of our front porch. I decorated it years ago with some electrical tape to look like Jack Skelington and have never taken it off!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Myssie.

      I dropped it off at The Shag but haven't had a chance to "install" it yet, so it's just sittin' there in it's box.