Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You May Recall The Drexel Projection Dresser I Featured A Few Days Ago...Aaannnnd You May Just Recall The Previous Post I Did On This Drexel Projection Blanket Chest A Few Years Ago, But Since I Was In The Process Of Cleaning Up The Dresser I Thought I'd Give This A Little Love Too. Status: Also Available At CCAM.


While still far from perfect, giving this Drexel blanket chest a nice rub down with Howards certainly did it a lot of good.  There are some imperfections on the left side that nothing short of a full refinish will help with, but it presents well now.  At least a lot better than it did!  And now it is awaiting a new home along with the Drexel dresser in my booth at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.


I tried using this at the end of our bed but I just couldn't get used to it with the Broyhill Brasilia.  The

style is similar but the finish is so much lighter.  I ended up standing it up in the closet to store it

away...and very nearly forgot I had it!  It wasn't until I was cleaning up the new six drawer dresser

that I recently acquired that it popped back into my head.


This isn't one of those cedar lined air tight Lane chests you've maybe heard about with the

unfortunate accidents involving children being trapped inside.  No no, this is a much simpler piece. 

matter of fact, I hesitate to call it a blanket chest for this very reason, but I don't really have a better

description.  For real, it'd make a sharp TV stand...so long as you don't mind not being able to access

it for actual storage.  Still, it's about the right height and width...unless you're one of those folks who

mount their TV above the fireplace...which just seems ridiculous and uncomfortable to me.  Or

maybe you're the No TV type.  Like a media vegan or something.  I don't get that at all!


If one were of the DIY type, the top of this could even be padded and upholstered to make a great

storage bench.  Not that I'm promoting messing with a classic, but then...it is a mass produced classic

and there are more out there, pretty sure.  Just don't paint it!  In any case, if you're interested in pick it

up, you can see it and peruse a bunch of other really cool stuff an the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur,

which is by the way, open SEVEN days a week!  10am to 8pm every day but Sunday, which is 11am

to 5pm.