Saturday, May 10, 2014

While Loading Up Another Estate Sale Attendee Asked "What Makes It So Valuable?" Good Question. I Would Have Liked ToThrow Around The Manufacturer's Name, France And Sons...Or Perhaps The Designer, Grete Jalk. The Truth Is...The Answer Is Simply Supply And Demand. Status: Rare Indeed.


Mr. M dragged his tired bones up out of bed Friday morning after only a couple short hours of sleep to attend an estate sale chock full of fantastic vintage Danish modern pieces.  I harbored a tiny bit of hope that I'd skip through the house nabbing tag after ridiculously under priced tag off lovely Scandinavian pieces...but it just wasn't meant to be.


Oh yes, there was lots of lovely Scandinavian pieces but the bargain basement tags I was hoping to

gleefully collect...  ::shrug::  A man can dream!  Alas, since I wasn't first in line (second, actually) I

probably wouldn't have made out so well anyway.  So the prices that were IMHO a bit steep...they

effectively leveled the playing field.  I may not have come home with a ton of cheap vintage modern...

but I came home with Something!


That "something" is a Grete Jalk sculpted teak three seat sofa manufactured by France & Sons.

Let me just get this out of the way right now...this may very well be the Danish Modern sofa by

which all other Danish Modern Sofas should be judged.  Maybe even more so than the legendary

Selig "Z" sofa (and Mr. M LOVES the Z chairs and sofas!).


This was SO not cheap, but the condition reflects the price.  It's nearly perfect, and I assume all

original.  The cushions are structured, with a discernible wire frame and inner springs.  These will not

crush flat or dry rot like foam cushions.  It was hard letting go of so much cash to acquire this

ravishing beauty, but in the end I just had to ask myself, "When will you have another opportunity to

pick up something like this?"


Oh my, just look as all those gorgeous finely sculpted details!  This sofa is a loose match to the Grete

Jalk side table that I featured not too long ago by
Glostrup Møbelfabrik.  Both are by Grete Jalk, both 

are constructed of Teak and both utilize and even sorta celebrate the use of Allen head fasteners.  

They're both so darned Fantastic!  I might just have to pull the little end table out of the booth and 

keep both.  Ugh...decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. Nice find! That's one of my favorite sofas. It's the kind of piece that you fall in love with and miss when it sells. I still kinda pine for that blue one Joe had. :)