Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Spotted This Blocky Red Coffee Table Out In "The Barn" At The Belleville Flea And At First Just Barely Gave It A Second Glance...But It Stuck With Me And Eventually I Had To Circle Back. Status: Surprise.


I've got so many sofas and chairs available at the moment that I just about can't pass up any interesting coffee table that crosses a Mr.'s path.  So yeah, I went back for this one.  My brain just kept saying "C'mon dude!  It's so Pop Art!"


Beyond was a real bargain.  No...not a couple dollar Paul McCobb small table bargain, but

those are ridiculously far and few between.  This was just your standard "flea market" bargain. 

Cheap enough that I can offer it up in the Creve Coeur booth for someone maybe not looking to drop

a couple of Franklins for their kids to leave a wet glass on.


Oh yeah, did I mention...Surprise!  It's not vintage and in's IKEA.  I didn't see that tag /

sticker until after I had purchased it and lugged it 50 yards back to Frank (the Focus Wagon).  Yeah,

you know how I am about IKEA.  I'm not happy that they are soon to open a St. Louis store.  I buy it

when I find it cheap and it's a good looking piece...just so I can offer it up to those who aren't so

illogically anti IKEA as this guy.  It's not the's the idea behind it.  They seem to be selling

the same sort of disposable "today's fashion" as Old Navy.  Does that sound sustainable?  At least this

table is classic enough (in that Andy Warhol way) to stick around a while.

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