Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thanks To Jennifer Kestler (One Of Mr. Modtomics Intrepid Readership And Commenters) We Can All Rest A Little Bit Easier Knowing That We CAN In Fact Convert Standard Shades To Clip On Shades For our Vintage "Bowless" Lamps! Check 'Em Out! Status: Investigated.


A few days ago I featured a couple of new lamp shades that I picked up at the Goodwill hoping to be able to use them on a pair of vintage lamps that I had picked up quite a while back.  When I got home with the shades I realized my error.  The lamps required clip on shades...the shades were not clip on.  Enter reader comments and Mr. Modtomic reader Jennifer Kestler.


Lucky for Mr. M, and perhaps some of you, that Jennifer was keeping up with her blog reading when I featured the pair of small shades above a couple days ago and lamented the fact that I would not be able to use them with my vintage lamps.  She left a comment about the availability of retrofit clips that can be had at Lowes hardware store.  This weekend I decided to take a look for myself.


Jennifer was right!  They do have the attachable clip-ons!  I picked up a pair but noticed that they

don't come with finial nuts.  The finials that were available were not at all "up my alley" in that they

were highly decorative AND about $3 each.  No, no thanks.  But then I discovered that the thread

size on the clip-ons was an unusual size and could not find a matching nut in the hardware aisle.


In a huff I thought "that's how they get ya", so I asked for some help.  YES!  You read right...I asked

for help.  The sales associate took me back over to the hardware aisle and we took one of the clips out

of the package to try various alternatives.  In the end we settled on a package of three brass colored

"nylock" nuts with a thread size very close to what should be used.  They work flawlessly and only

cost $3 for all three.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm cheap?  Bottom line?  The clips work!

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