Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Crazy Eclectic Batch Of Smalls. Some Are Keepers, Some Are For The Booth And Some Were Going To Complete Another Find...But, Well...Fail. Status: Smalls-ville.


Some of this lot came from the thrift store while the rest was found at an estate sale last weekend.  To keep those shelves full you gotta keep a-hustlin' and Mr. M finds nothing more fun than hustlin' up some smalls!


I have such a weakness for these table candles.  I really associate these with small, dimly lit Italian

restaurants smelling of garlic and cigar the joints on "The Hill" of my childhood.  Of

course I could just as easily associate them with the cheap pizza parlors like Shakeys which I more

commonly frequented.  These are staying here and will be lit up for parties and such and placed

around the bar area.  ::sigh:: Candle light!


I purposely bought these with the idea that they'd finish off my pair of cool vintage small table lamps

that need a matched set of shades.  Doh, the lamps need CLIP ON shades!  These won't work for that

set.  Hmmm, I wonder if there are clips that have screws on top to solve problems such as this?

Maybe a trip to True Value Hardware is in order...or maybe a lighting / lamp shop.  We'll have to see

if Mr. Modtomic can salvage this score.


I don't know nuthin' 'bout glass.  This piece has the broken off bit on the center of the bottom and

reeks of being hand blown.  Could it possibly be Blenko?  How does one ascertain such an attribution

given that glass isn't necessarily marked?  Either way, it's a big beautiful chuck of green art glass that

would look amazing on a window sill with the Sun shining though, don't ya think?


  1. Lowes carries the lampshade clips you need....four bucks!:

  2. definitely not Blenko, but more likely one of the secondary American glass companies.