Friday, May 16, 2014

I Been Tryin' Real Hard To Get A Load Of Smalls Out To Creve Coeur So I Gathered Up A Couple Boxes Full And Dropped Those AND The Grete Jalk Sofa In Booth 307. Took A Quick Look 'Round And Spotted Some Good Stuff In Some Other Booths Too. Status: Available.


I literally looked around for 30 seconds and stumbled across Three really cool items at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  I was in a rush to get to work so I didn't have time to scour the entire mall, so there may be even more / better finds out there.  Thing is, if you like what you better hurry!


This set of Drexel Declaration dining chairs are obviously not perfect...but c'mon, they're only asking

a buck and a quarter!  They've been refinished at some point and well, maybe not the best job was

done.  So maybe you have a weekend to give 'em some proper love?  It'd be a fine investment and

you'd be saving some very stylish seating.  Just take a moment and check out what these are selling

for on ol' eBay.


And yes, St. Louis is RIFE with Lane Acclaim...I know.  But this isn't a piece you'll see very often

even around here!  I didn't take all the tchotchkes off the top but otherwise it looks to be in great

shape.  If you're an avid Acclaim collector, this might be a great find for you.  Even if you're just in

need of a vintage modern side table and some extra storage you might wanna check this out.  If you're

headed off to the coast for school, buy it here and sell it there for a mint!


I tweeted about this lil' set of tables a while back.  I CAN'T believe that no one has bagged them yet. 

I might have to do so myself, since I've already got a nice collection of Salterini patio furniture to add

these to.  Salterini?  Yup.  These do in fact pull about $75 - $100 each on the 'Bay, and this pair is in

fine condition.  Keep ignoring them...I'll snatch 'em up!

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