Monday, May 26, 2014

Just After Dropping Off The Other Car We Traded In (Tinkerbell - The Volvo Wagon) At The Dealership, We Took The New Bunny Straight To A Thrift Store To Calm Our Nerves, Where I Found This Neato Vintage Childs Telescope! Status: Far Seeing.


I was surprised to find that this little telescope kit actually worked when I assembled it for the photos!  It was daylight out so I couldn't see how it works on the Moon or anything, but I was able to see down the street pretty well.


The other surprise was that this kit was still complete!  Yes, everything is there!  There's even an item

to attach to the eyepiece to view eclipses and a hood that attaches to that to make it easier to

direct sunlight.  And except for the case, which has taken the years of abuse that the rest of the

telescope has managed to avoid, the set is in very nice condition.  Note that the telescope tube is

really just a gussied up cardboard tube...and hasn't been crushed.


The tripod isn't very tall which is great for kids since the eyepiece is at the upper end of the

telescope.  I often have to lower my own telescope in order to comfortably look through it's

eyepiece.  This type of telescope is called a Reflecting telescope because the light from the viewed

object (say, the Moon) travels down the tube to the end where there is a concave mirror that focuses

the light on another flat mirror set at a 45 degree angle that guides the light through the eyepiece back

up at the top of the tube.  I just can't hardly believe all those pieces are still there and in working

condition...but they are.  Nice, right?!  This little guy is available now at the Antique Mall of Creve

Coeur along with a ton of other cool stuff.  Drop by and take a stroll through, there's lots to see!

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