Friday, May 23, 2014

Is It Really The Little Things That Count? These Little Things Do! This Lot Came From Last Sunday's Belleville Flea Market Journey. It's Not Much...But, Well...It's The Little Things That Count! Status: Scavenged.


We love the Orange Sherbert looking "Oven Proof" stuff 'round here, so that's going nowhere...but the vintage modern stylized crucifix will be tagged up soon and available.  They never last long at the antique mall.


I've already got a set of four plates like these, if in a little better condition.  That these are a little

scratched up from use is of no concern since we plan on keeping these for daily use.  These are

perfect for daily use since they are both retro style AND tough enough to handle it.  And if we

happen to lose one, no problem...these aren't THAT precious!


Finally!  I've been struggling along with only three of these mugs for ages!  Now I've got an even six

and all is well and good in the land of Modtomic.  You know how I am about uneven collections. 

Seems weird to drink coffee from an orange mug that looks like ice cream, don't ya think?


I don't find these mod looking crucifixes all that often so I snatch 'em up when ever I do.  Every one

I've offered at The Green Shag Market has been grabbed up pretty quick.  This will probably be no

different.  I should have it tagged up soon, but I'm gonna drop it off at the Creve Coeur antique mall

since I have lots of empty space there.

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