Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Phew....I Almost Passed On This Set Of Chairs. Spotted Them Monday, But Had Been To The Gypsy Caravan And Was Kinda Done For The Day. Today, Jeff Pointed Them Out And ID'd Them (edit - Paul McCobb). Status: Snatched.


Jeff Swift (our former upholstery writer...everybody got "fired" 'cuz nobody was posting) shot me a text this morning asking if I had picked these chairs up over the weekend.  Apparently he has some that need some bits and pieces.  I had seen them but I didn't jump right on them.  I did give them a second glance...and they did stick in my brain....


First, yes...they are a hot mess.  Second...any idea what they are?  When I spotted them on Monday I

didn't do my due diligence and failed to ID them.  I gave up too easily.  I was feeling a little lack of

confidence.  The booths hadn't moved much this month and did I really need more project pieces

cluttering up the garage?  Then...


A local buyer saved the day...or month, or whatever.  A couple of bigger items got shifted and

suddenly a Mr.'s perspective was changed.  At least it made it easier to buy this set of chairs.  I hadn't

really lost confidence but I didn't exactly feel confident filling stock where there was no real need...

unlike most days!


There there's the condition issue.  These are sooooo farm fresh.  Five are solid as a is, well,

missing a leg.  The leather is strong, but discolored and worn.  They can easily be used as is...but they

are not exactly in "fine" condition.  I'm gonna do what I can with them...but don't expect a miracle.


Yeah, see...that's farm fresh!  Bird poop? Check.  Note the color difference between the armchairs and

the side chairs.  Why?  Dunno.  Jeff was interested in these for some parts he needs to fix up his own,

but he inquired about some caps for the brass stretchers.  Brass stretchers?  Not on these chairs.

Turns out he ain't gonna need this set or any parts of 'em.  Have you been able to ID them yet?


You know I wouldn't have bothered with them if they weren't something kinda special, right?

Otherwise, too much trouble.  I'm not gonna ID them here until someone else does (or a few days go

by...which ever comes first) to give you's all a chance to do the deed.  I'm kind of embarrassed that I

almost let these drift past and kinda surprised that no one else picked them up before me!


  1. Damn I was not first!


    Mythos got it. How could I not know that?!

  3. These McCobb chairs (or ones exactly like them) were my parents' dining room chairs when I was a kid in the late '60's. I think ours had lighter wood. They bring back memories, though.