Thursday, May 29, 2014

I SO Wish The Upholstery Was In Better Condition! I Picked Up This Chrome Frame Baughman-esque Scoop Lounge Chair Today Via Criagslist And Should Have It Displayed Soon At The Shag. Status: Available.


I so wish I had the wear-with-all to pull this apart and re-upholster this beauty myself...but I know my limitations.  Not that I think it'd be all that hard, it's just the time that it'd take to...well let's face it, let it sit in the garage half done.


From 10 feet away it looks pretty amazing.  Sadly, get up close and you can see the fabric is pretty

worn.  It could easily be used as is.  It's kinda sporting that 70's opium den / seen better days / keepin'

it real vibe.  The chrome frame is in excellent condition, needing nothing more than a quick wipe

down thankfully.


Such a shame that this cool upholstery has been so mistreated, right?  Also sad, no manufacturer tag

on the bottom.  Steelcase maybe?  Dunno.  I gave the ol' interwebs a quick once over and didn't find a

match with any more info than what you're finding here.  I did manage to find one match on an Etsy

page at a pretty hefty asking, but this one will be had at a much easier on the pocket sticker.

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  1. Beginning to think you and I are the same person Mr. M...I went on STL CL yesterday snooping to see if the McCobb chair listing was still up (it was) and picked a few listings that I loved and emailed them to a friend...and this was the first one! Heh!

    Oh; and I hate you ...I know what they were asking for this; and the McCobb...:)