Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Girlfriend And I Hit The Belleville Flea This Morning And On The Way Home We Just HAD To Stop At The Fairview Heights Savers. I Found A Little Set Of Roseville / Raymor Serving Pieces And Thought I'd Hit The Jackpot! Status: Left Behind.


Everybody knows I've got the hots for some Ben Seibel designs.  When I spotted these loose pieces sitting on the shelf there at Savers my lil heart went a pitter patter!  You know what I mean.  Alas, all was not what it seemed.


Yeah, I thought I was gonna be comin' home with a nice little score (well, actually...I did anyway, but

that's another post).  Sadly these looked much better from afar than they did upon actual inspection.

The lid to the covered ramekin had a sizable chip and, much harder to see, one of the lugs on the

sugar bowl had been glued back on.


What REALLY kills me is that there might have been a set of this that had been donated and this was

the dregs left behind by some other lucky soul!  Gaaaahh.  That shoulda been me!  Not to worry

though, I did OK.  I didn't come home empty handed, either from the Flea Market or Savers. 


We almost even came home with a new (well, to us) car.  Between the Flea and the thrift

we stopped at a car lot to test drive a 2013 Volkswagen GTI.  THAT is a fun car.  This was the second

we've test drove and this one had an even sportier package than the first.  The first sold before we

could make up our minds that we wanted it and so now we're looking again.  This one, with it's

Autobahn package, was a bit too loud and stiff for we're still looking.  But the GTI is probably

going to be replacing the Fiesta soon.

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