Friday, May 9, 2014

It Is Officialy Flea Market Season Here In The Midwest And The Pickin' Juices Are Fully Flowin'! I've Only Made It To The Wentzville And Belleville Fleas Once Each Thus Far But I'm Already Suffering From The Proverbial Itch. The Dream? Brimfield. Gonna Make It This Year? Nope. Status: Vicarious Visit.


Scheduling.  It all comes down to scheduling.  We might have made it to Brimfield this year for the big Summer antique show and sale but the Girlfriend has a conference for work that starts like the last day of the show...and did I mention it's on the OTHER coast?  Maybe next year.  Until then, I'll just have to be satisfied with our own, much cheaper (and smaller) fleas...oh, and some videos I've found around the web!  Click through to check out the first in a series.  It's quite amazing!

It's a bit long, but I for one cannot get enough of this kind of stuff!  I'm such a junkie.  I've watched all

of the Market Warriors and Flea Market Flip vids a bunch of times over.  I've even kicked around

doing some video posts here on Mr. Modtomic.  No way will I be able to pull off such a pro job as

this, but it'd still be a fun project.  So, have YOU been to Brimfield yet?  Whadya find?

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