Monday, May 19, 2014

One Of The Gems That We Brought Home From The Belleville Flea Was This Lovely Little Bohemian / Vintage Modern Side Table. I've seen Oval Spider Leg Tables...And Round Gate Leg Tables But This Is The First Small Oval Gate Leg Like This I've Seen. Status: Available.


Saturday's Belleville Flea was an epically beautiful day if the take itself perhaps wasn't.  Oh, it was a good take, but the weather was amazing!  Ya gotta appreciate these remarkable days of Spring because they won't be around long!


I wasn't able to find too much to bring home from the Belleville Flea Market but this little brass tray

table was a pretty good snatch.  It was just sittin' there, no one even giving it a second glance.  It even

had a "Sale!" tag on it.  I wasted no time in gathering it up and hustling it out to Frank the Focus



This particular brass tray was apparently manufactured in Pakistan.  How exotic, right?!  I'm

uncertain as to what kind of wood the base might be.  I would assume Walnut since it doesn't really

look like Teak, but it's not marked or tagged.  This style of tray table always brings to mind a Danish

Modern aesthetic...minus the fine craftsmanship.  Hence the Bohemian description.

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