Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Stopped By A Couple Of The New Neighborhood(ish) Traps Today Before Heading In To Work And Snagged This Beautiful Asian Junk Oil Painting. Had To Shoot It In The Back Of Frank, But I Got It Done. Status: Available.


This oil painting of an Asian Junk on a waterway isn't perhaps as old as many of the paintings and prints that I've picked up over the years, but it's definitely got the Mid Century vibe, and that's what's important when it's hanging on your wall...right?


The bonus of not being 50 or 60 years old is that it's in excellent condition.  Like, zero defects!  The

painter is P. Wong, apparently of Vietnamese decent and a resident of San Francisco Ca.  Peter Wong

creates paintings that are in that late '60s or early '70s style but as you can see here, this particular

painting was framed up in 1984.


I wonder who all those names belong to?  The framers?  The customer?  Three names...none of them

are the artist.  Mystery.  At least there's a sticker on the back ensuring that this is indeed an oil

painting and not an acrylic.  I'd have preferred a more standard frame, but if you've got a Tiki vibe

going on, this would be perfect!  I'm going to gather up a bunch of these paintings and prints I've got

around here and tag 'em all up for the booths and try to get them on the walls soon.  Who knows, it

may get done today!

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