Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dang! I Was JUST Down At The Green Shag Last Week And So Much Has Changed! There Are Old Vendors Gone And New Vendors In...Plus Lots Of New Merch For Your Hungry Eyes To Peruse! Status: Waiting For You!


Plus, rumor has it that there'll be a Pop Up sale in the parking lot today (Saturday)!  I stopped at The Green Shag Market this afternoon before work to drop off the Chrome Frame Baugman style Lounge Chair and was surprised to find such a shake up in the vendorship in house.  Change is a good thing, you should check it out!


The vendor just across from my booth is picking up and heading out.  I bought a very pretty chrome

and brass etajere from them.  They also had lots of good stuff all at 40% off less that which is marked

firm.  You probably already know all that 'cuz you follow me on Twitter, right!?


Must be something in the air though...lots of the current vendors have new stuff in their booths.  Even

me!  You know...the chrome frame chair.  It's a good time to find the new stuff and look for some

bargains at the same time with all the flux going on.


You gotta love the Green Shag.  You won't find a lot of Fine Antiques.  The Shag is more about fun

stuff and usable vintage and style.  Certainly there are perhaps some fine antiques in The Shag

somewhere, but I don't really notice as that's not really my bag. 


Not to say that this beautiful Dorothy Thorpe set above isn't's just not over 100 years old...not

antique.  Fine Vintage, I guess.  And these pics were only what I could capture in a 10 minute sweep

of the joint!  Imagine what awaits a purposeful delving into the various booths.  I just wish The Shag

was about twice the size it is!

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